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70 • February 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL What if the sign is for a children's science and discovery center? Might there be the opportunity to turn the sign base into a unique extension of the museum's attractions? It's all about exploring the opportunities that may be present by turning a potential problem into a benefit. Preventing Parking Lot Mishaps Again, we are back to the question of "is the sign located where people con- gregate?" If there is any chance that a car may back into it, then there becomes an opportunity to get creative with bollards. I am a fan of bollards, especially if the business is retail or consumer-related. Image 2: As simple as it might seem, adding a functional base can be a creative addition that may just help sell the job. Turning a structure into a functional element is usually always received with much favor. Bike racks, dog watering stations, maps, shopping center kiosks, bench seating, and or whatever other relevant benefit that can be thought of, and built. Image 3: The bollard can be decorated with an over-the-top idea such as this one. Granted, the fabrication of a couple of highly custom fiber- glass bollard covers may not necessarily be in the budget for the client; however it's always good to let the customer tell the sales person that. Be creative; think outside of the box, just make sure your fabrication team is on board with the idea, and you are assured that there is a way to build your idea.

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