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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • February 2018 • 71 The bollards are important for protect- ing the sign and fortunately they can be decorated to create something directly related to the business, or to reflect a hol- iday shopping event. Such as the example in Image 3, in which I used the bollards as the base of a kid-friendly tooth brush. If it's a candy store, decorate them with a digital print of a candy cane, or if it's a cigar store you can make the bol- lards look like a cigar. Or they can also be used as advertising mediums by having digitally printed socks that slide directly over each bollard allowing for additional advertising messages—if allowed by sign code (See Image 4). Regardless of the whimsicality, they should always include some sort of reflective film near the top so that driv- ers can clearly see them when backing up at night. How Tall, How Wide, How Deep? Knowing your sign code goes with- out saying, however it may be worth exploring if the use of the sign base as an additional seating opportunity may win favor with zoning officials and may provide opportunity for more square foot allowances. In addition to seating, the base can be designed to incorporate flower planters and LED up-lighting, not to mention water features or the earlier mentioned bike racks and even dog- watering stations. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the envi- ronment in which the monument will be located can make a difference in the base you design. To recap, these are some of the potentials that you might want to consider: • Does the sign code include the square footage of the base? • Vehicles colliding with the sign • Opportunities for using exterior up- lighting and or cool planters • Incorporation of public conve- niences like bike racks and bench seats As you can see, the process of build- ing a monument sign base can go well beyond the materials used and into the realm of expanded usability. It will never be considered if it's never suggested, and if you are looking for one way to move your design to the front of the line, include a little out-of-the-box creativity with your signs base. SDG Image 4: Or, for a simpler approach, the bollard can be decorated with a stretchy outdoor fab- ric that's digitally printed (and treated for UV) and is slid over the top of the bollard. These can be decorated in any number of ideas, from rooting on the home town team, to celebrating a holiday. Just make sure your local sign code allows the idea before you design it as an option for the client.

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