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cleaned every few weeks, and we're constantly working on new renovations of our private party areas upstairs." "Virtually all of the sound systems in New Orleans' adult clubs are low, so we brought in something with a little flair," adds Jordan. "Why would you walk into a club and stay if the atmosphere inside isn't as lively and exciting as the street you just entered from? If you want people to leave Bourbon Street, you have to have a club with energy." It wasn't just the owners themselves who contributed to the club renovation. Deirdre Catalano one of Babe's VIP hostesses, has a real talent for interior decoration, and brought an air of class and elegance to the private rooms on their second-floor balcony level. GM Kenny Garces (L) and the staff of Babe's Cabaret up and down a dance pole, the Bass brothers and Kim have been able to cultivate a group of entertainers who do just that—entertain. With a dance pole that reaches two stories high (Babe's is actually one of the tallest buildings on Bour- bon Street), Babe's Cabaret provides a perfect showcase for a bevy of talented, attractive pole dancers who call the club home. "We've had girls come here from New Jersey to dance, and they looked at our girls and were shocked because they didn't even know what a pole trick was," says Darren. "Up north, we were used to girls paying us to keep them off of the stage. Here, it's the exact opposite. The girls at Babe's love being on the stage, especially because they're so good at what they do and they enjoy doing it." And the customers love it as well. As this writer can attest, on a busy Friday evening, there were more women than men in the club, and almost everyone's eyes were fixed squarely upon the granite stage which sits front and center in the club's main showroom. Even when the girls weren't wowing the crowd with their gravity-defying talents, they were happy to tantalize them with their charm as they greeted men and women alike. "No one gets hustled here," says Darren. "The girls are entertaining, but they're also happy to sit with a customer and just hang out with them. Just because a guy doesn't have a bunch of money to spend on one visit to the club, that doesn't mean he won't have more to spend the next time. You have to treat every customer like a valued customer." Babe's gets a Facelift With a club philosophy in place—and staff and entertainers to make that philosophy a daily reality—it was time for Kim and the Bass brothers to move on to the more obvious club renovations. While Babe's certainly had a great location and a deceptive amount of space to work with (the club actually spreads upward to a third floor, including a highly coveted Bourbon Street balcony), it wasn't exactly what one would call an "upscale" adult nightclub. "We started with the basics: We replaced the carpet, the chairs, the tables, the walls, the lights, the stage, and even the dressing room," says Charles, noting that Dar- ren's vast experience in construction was an invaluable aid to the renovation process, as was their experience meeting several industry vendors at the Gentlemen's Club Owners EXPO Tradeshow. "Even now, we have the chairs and carpets www.ExoticDancer.com www.ExoticDancer.com "It helps a great deal when you have staff members who are not only talented, but care enough about the club to use their talents to your benefit," says Charles. "We gave her free reign to update our private VIP rooms, and she did an unbelievable job." Similar renovations, the owners note, are now underway at Sinfully Young in Houston. "We're just starting to remodel now, and we're getting a much better clientele and better entertainers," notes Darren. "Our new GM, Jack Teitelbaum, has brought our philosophy to the Houston club as we adjust to the marketplace." Hanging the Championship Banner One only needs to be in Babe's Cabaret for but a minute—and look up—to realize how proud the club is to have won the ED's 2011 "Small Club of the Year" (Central Region) Award. Hanging from the second-floor ceiling is a self-made sign that looks like cham- pionship banner hanging in a basketball arena, showcasing the award they put their blood, sweat and tears into earning. They also boast signage for their "Top 100 Clubs in the U.S." nod they received in the 2011/12 EXOTIC DANCER'S VIP Club Guide. "It meant a lot to us, knowing that all of the hard work that we and our staff put into this club really paid off," says Charles. "And to know that we did it in a truly unique and competitive market like New Orleans makes it ever better." "We went from being a dog of a club to being the club that does as high a volume as anyone on Bourbon Street," Kim adds with confident tone. "Management and employees from other clubs stop by to see how we're doing it. The best advertising is word of mouth, and since New Orleans is a big 'small town,' the good word about us as owners and about Babe's has only helped our business grow." For more information on Babe's Cabaret, please visit Babescabaretnola.com or call (504) 552-2565. July 2012 Club Bulletin 11 July 2012 Club Bulletin 11

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