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2 0 1 8 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 77 SCREENPRINT NUMBERING SYSTEMS SQUEEGEES SCREENPRINTING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES SELLING ISN'T SELLING OUT Sales isn't a dirty word. If you are do- ing good work, telling people about it and how they can obtain it is a service. In fact, you are doing the world a dis- service if you won't show them what they might be missing. You provide a product and service that gives mea- surable value. Sales doesn't have to be shifty when you are simply sharing a good product from which your audi- ence stands to benefit. Show them the benefit, how it can help their lives, businesses, teams, and groups, and give them the chance to make you their friend in the industry. SET FIRM BOUNDARIES Particularly for home-based businesses, it's hard to physically and mentally separate work and home life. Start early with dedicated business hours, using a second phone or service as well as a dedicated email address for business- only contact channels, and by physi- cally keeping your work in a designated space if possible. Clock into your job, and just as importantly, clock out and recharge. It's good to grind, and you'll often work long hours, but don't let customers dominate your off-time or personal space. Though you can choose to work whatever hours you like, your early boundary setting will keep you from being eternally 'on call' when you should rest or slipping in chores or down- time activities during the hours you should be stitch- ing, contacting clients, and building your business. At the intersection be- tween the work you love to do and the money you need to survive, there's a blessed state of existence. If you can dig in and do business, understand the needs of your market, and charge a fair but properly profit-conscious price, you'll be well on your way to living there. Learn from the experience of commercial workers, but don't be afraid to share your perspective, too. Together, we can be more than we could have been apart. continued from page 25 ERICH'S EMBELLISHMENTS My first experiences with machine embroidery were on venerable old iron like the machine pic- tured here. It was six needles, 12 heads, no trim- mers, no thread break sensors, no safeties, and no screens. It's a far cry from a home machine. • • • SQUEEGEES | 866-880-0666 Contact us today to advertise in the PRINTWEARMAG.COM/ADVERTISE Contact Diane Gilbert 1-800-669-0424 x297 or email:

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