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Lon Winters learned screen printing from the bottom up, starting his 20-plus-year career reclaiming screens. He has won nearly 50 international industry awards and honors, published numerous articles, and led several in - dustry seminars and workshops. Currently, he is president of Colorado-based Print This, Inc./, an international consulting firm specializing in technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshooting, productivity, quality analysis, and complete garment-embellishing solutions. Visit for more information. Contact Winters at FROM SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE B Y L O N W I N T E R S W e recently began setting up online fundraiser stores for clients. Nothing is easy the first time, and we learned hard lessons from this particular project tied into a fundraiser store. The client was The Doberman Rescue of Nebraska. They are a non-profit organization that rescues Dobermans from shelters, own- ers who cannot or will not provide for them, and strays whose own- ers never try to locate them. Our contact is part of the family, and this is where our mistakes began. We'll call her Charlotte, because that's her name. She has an extreme passion for this breed and has owned and rescued several over the last few decades. We love dogs too and had difficulty setting limitations and boundaries on what we would offer. And so, the struggle began. TO THE RESCUE The Rescue requested several versions of the design because they liked the concepts so much and couldn't pass any of them up. We built designs with dobermans in full color and black and white. Our layout wasn't complicated, but we sure made it that way when we agreed to three versions. We first set up the text in Adobe Illustrator without the Dobermans and dropped in a comp of the dogs to get siz- ing and proportions. Since the word rescue implies a sense of urgency, red was chosen with that context in mind. That, and this is Nebraska (Go Big Red!). To be clever, we added a dobby silhouette in the R. We then imported the layout into Pho- toshop where we would work on the dogs. Charlotte provided us photos of rescue dogs including Dean, who was adopted by Char- lotte a few years back. He was an unofficial mascot for the rescue while there. In honor of his love and friendship, we included him in the design on the right. We used the las- so tool to pull the dogs off the background and created a path with the pen tool around the image area we would keep. Dobermans have a distinct look about their markings and the way the color breaks up around their faces and muzzles. They are sleek and a bit shiny. We used seven colors to get the range of color and the tonal areas. Yes, seven, plus white printers and red type, so more like 10 screens. We didn't want anything to be easy on this project. Black was the most dominant color, and we used lighter tones in darker areas in the markings. Some portions were almost fully knocked out of other colors, and in other Four-Legged Friends 16 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 What should have been a straightfor- ward online fundraiser site design turned out to be com- plicated with too many op- tions. (All im- ages courtesy the author)

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