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18 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 plates, there would be some influences of colors either under or over to get softer transitions. We used a combination of channels created from both CMYK and RGB Modes. Based on their differences, it gave us options for pulling out tones for separation. We used the black channel as is with modifications to define contrast in shadow and shape. We opened each channel and made adjustments so dot gains wouldn't trample on each other. For a little drama, we ran a filter over the composition to give an illustrative look using poster edges and some rough pastel from the Filters menu. Because we let The Rescue do both color and black and white, the seps were easy. Instead of doing two different separations with two very different color modes, we took the same separation and changed the colors of the values so that all contrasts managed to look almost identical. Of course, in hind sight, we could have used the exact separations for ease of set up, but alas, we did not. They wanted to print this on a variety of colors, garments, and fabrics. Of course they did. So, like any printing done on multiple substrates, our white printer was a major player in making sure the tones stayed reasonably close from garment to garment while keep- ing the text bold and opaque. Not so easy on this many colors. Bal- ancing the whites, colors, and blacks was tricky to say the least. Little did we know that it was going to get worse on press. The final imagery was designed as a full color, a black and white, and black and white with red type. These would be printed as full fronts FROM SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE Top left: This original design from The Rescue was in need of some serious updating. Top center: We started with photos of dogs from The Rescue, including Dean, its unofficial mascot. Top right: We used the lasso tool to pull the dogs off the background and created a path with the pen tool around the area we would keep. Above and right: We didn't com- municate properly, so The Rescue offered full-color, black and white, and even grayscale options to their volunteers on everything from tanks to hoodies of all colors.

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