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2 0 1 8 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 19 with a one-color web address on the back. Everyone loved the full color, but some wanted the black and white or gray scale and some wanted red type. Ugh! Because we didn't communicate well enough, the difficulty in offering this many items on this many garments with this many colors, The Doberman Rescue went crazy and offered all versions to the volunteers for Christmas. They ordered all the color combi- nations and mixed multiple garments from tanks to full-zip hood- ies. We just didn't have the heart to say no. We did our best to plan accordingly on ink changes and color rotations, but some fabrics were cotton and others polyester and tri-blends, all with three sep- arate sim process set ups. We can't even do the math to figure out how many screens we made for the project. On the spec, we just put "many" for screen count. On top of that, we made one more bonehead mistake. We didn't outline the type. Strategic taping was used to make it work. Mov- ing forward, we are working up the screens to work with outlined type and logos on all colors with one set of seps that crosses over all three designs. Simple enough if we had thought it through in the first place. But, at the end of the day, The Doberman Rescue of Nebraska Fundraiser store is now open, and, with any luck, they will raise some serious coin for a serious cause. Top left: Since we let The Rescue do both color and black and white, the seps were easy. We took the same separations and changed the colors of the values so that all contrasts managed to look almost identical. Top right: Along with the name and graphics of the dog, the website was also included at the bottom of the design. Bottom left: Black was the most dominant color but we used lighter tones in darker areas of the markings. Some por- tions were almost fully knocked out of other colors. Bottom center: In total, we used seven colors plus white printers making it more like 10 screens. Bottom right: The final result was an online store full of various options for The Rescue's fundraising missions.

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