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2 0 1 8 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 21 search online, giving them some information. That information may or may not be accurate, but they don't know that yet. To successfully sell decorated apparel, you need to address the buyer's top three concerns. First, they must believe that your prod- ucts are of a good quality and will work for their needs. Second, they must believe that you are a good salesperson and apparel dec- orator, and will create good quality work. They need to trust that you will give them good advice on products and design decisions and create good work on the products they select. Third, they must believe that your business is solid and that you will stand behind whatever you sell. Think of these three areas as a points system. Each area has a maximum value of 10 points and a minimum value of one point. Each potential customer has a minimum total score that they need to move ahead to make a purchase. Your job is to score as many points as possible, as often as possible, with as many people as possible. For example, Bob needs 24 shirts with his logo on them for his company. Bob comes to you for a quote, and he decides that the shirts you show him in a catalog will work. He gives you nine points there. He decides that your work looks good on the samples he sees, so you get eight points there. But, he goes online and only finds negative comments about your business, so he gives you two final points. Ultimately, he does not purchase from you. Here is another possible scenario. Bob wants to get the 24 logoed shirts. He gets the quote from you. You score well. He then needs to replace the tires on his vehicle so he has to wait a bit before he can continued on page 80

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