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28 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 PRESSING MATTERS DESIGN CREATION To start the process, let's review the supplies needed to create a knock out print: 1. Roll of heat transfer adhesive 2. Two colors of heat transfer foil 3. One non-stick cover sheet often called Teflon 4. One roll of heat transfer mask 5. One squeegee In your graphics software, type in the word art that you wish to be the primary design. Knock out designs tend to work best with bold, thick font and text that is grouped tightly. Stacked text with two lines also works well. Additionally, create your clipart element. This process is best completed with a solid piece of clipart or a silhouette; try to avoid intricate details in the clipart. Next, load your roll of heat transfer adhesive into a vinyl cutter and cut your text design in a mirror image. After cutting, remove the excess material away from your design. Most heat transfer vinyl products such as adhesive can be prepared faster by heating the back of the material. Specific tools are available to help this process. Once the design is prepared, it is ready to be heat applied. Now we must create the knock out element. To do this, first prepare the non-stick cover sheet to be cut-able. If you have a craft cutter with a sticky mat, simply place the cover sheet onto the mat and cut. If a larger roll style cutter will be used, then take the non-stick cover sheet and apply it evenly to the "sticky side" of a heat transfer mask. Use a squeegee to remove any excess wrinkles or air bubbles to achieve a flat surface and good contact between the two materials. Weed the clipart knock out to be ap- plied. The clipart knock out is then applied to the text.

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