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2 0 1 8 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 29 Above: A second foil is laid down to complete the look. Right: The result of this knock out work is a two-tone metallic design with text and an appropriate and fun graphic embedded in it. Load the non-stick sheet and mask the piece into the vinyl cutter and send your clipart element to cut. It's important that the cutter blade and down- force be adjusted to properly cut through the non-stick sheet and not through the mask. Once complete, remove the clipart piece from the backing. Now you have the three key materials needed to complete the heat application; the text design from adhesive, the non- stick clipart cut out, and two colors of heat transfer foil. At the heat press, load the garment of choice and heat apply the adhesive text graphic. It's recommended to heat apply this layer with a very light pressure. This will ensure that the adhesive does not penetrate the fabric too deeply causing fibrillation and pinholing in the foil layer. With the adhesive applied, place the non-stick clipart cutout over top of the design in the desired location on the text. After placing, lay a sheet of foil in the desired color for the primary text. Any adhesive not covered with the non-stick cutout will receive the foil color being placed. Heat apply with a firm pressure for 10–15 seconds. Wait for the design to cool and then peel away the foil and the cutout. The resulting design will be the foil text with a void, knockout area for the next color. Be sure to save the non-stick cutout as it can repeatedly be used for fu- ture shirts and the process of cutting this piece will not need completed again. Now, lay another sheet of foil, ensuring that the remain- ing adhesive is completely covered. Heat apply this foil layer with a firm pressure for the same amount of time as the previous layer. After application, peel away the foil once it has cooled off completely. The completed look is a two-color foil, knockout design that is sure to sell.

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