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tention to evolving styles will help keep your offerings on-trend and your customers buy- ing. With that in mind, Schopmann encour- ages distributors to do their market research to guarantee you're offering the latest silhouettes. Communicate when styles are updated as cus- tomers want to stay in the loop when stock changes. She also urges suppliers and distribu- tors to take advantage of any unique elements that might entice a customer to buy. This not only includes new styles and hemlines, but Gupta says distributors should continually update their garment options with new fabrics and colors. "Any specific design details that are unique or address a trend in the market will be a great selling feature," says Schopmann. When it comes to marketing and appealing to the style desires of juniors, there is one main influence that takes the lead–popular culture. Beasley advises decorators and distributors to go online. Surf social media accounts, watch YouTube videos, tune into TV, music, etc. to see what the celebrities are sporting. She adds, "That's what we watch. You figure that's what the kids are watching, so if they see it and it's relevant, then that's what the customer is go- ing to ask for their customers." In addition to watching pop culture, it's equally as important to dive into the world of the end user and hone in on their specific wants and needs. Mai says the key to marketing in the saturated juniors' apparel world is to understand who the buyer is fully. "There is a junior buyer for every niche, interest, and hobbyist, ranging from the athletically inspired, the collegiate student, fast-fashion fashionista, the laid-back concert goer to the computer pro who enjoys spend- ing plenty of their time on their favorite con- soles and games. A good way to start is to follow their daily interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes," says Mai. DECORATION CONSIDERATIONS As far as putting designs on these fashion- forward styles, decorators can utilize the same JUNIORS' STYLES Above: Fashion-forward hemlines such as high-low, asymmetrical, and shark bites are popu- lar in the juniors' apparel market right now. (Image courtesy PIMA APPAREL) Below: While some hemlines and styles are constantly evolving, the classics such as the V-neck, crewneck, and scoop neck will always have a place in the market. (Image courtesy MONAG Apparel) 36 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8

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