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2 0 1 8 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 37 tools to educate themselves and determine what's hot in the graphics world as dis- tributors do to determine the latest styles. Beasley says, "I know it's all about the body style, it's important, but honestly it's the graphics that sell." She mentions that foils, large-area prints, as well as front and back prints, are popular right now. Something from a simple message to a sports-inspired design can complement a juniors' style. Mai agrees with Beasley's comments, saying, "Ju- niors love edgy designs that feature trend- ing details and unique prints that represent their interests and who they are. Quality in fabrication is not necessarily a priority." Conversely, Gupta tells decorators to use a variety of fabrics from polyester to cotton/ poly and tri-blends when using the lat- est printing techniques. This is where that knowledge of the end-user comes into play, to ensure you're truly appealing to your ju- niors' market. Mai also tells decorators to consider brand licensing, "Licensing has lots of benefits, such as increased traffic flow and many opportunities to connect with the young consumers. Whether it be their favorite sports team, cartoon character or music label, etc. It can help your image stand out from the rest." One thing to remember when applying these graphics is the smaller decoration field. Schopmann points out that "neck- lines tend to be deeper and or wider. Bodies are slenderer and sometimes boxier." This is not only important when decorating and aligning graphics, but should be mentioned to customers when processing orders to en- sure a proper fit. As the juniors' apparel market continues to grow and styles evolve, decorators and distributors need to make it a habit to sit down, do some recon, and determine what's trending, what's phasing out, and what that means for their business' inventory. Keep- ing the end user consistently happy and en- gaged is the key to success in the face-paced juniors' apparel world. 2018 7 GR EAT STYLE S 36 E XCITI NG COLOR S Available through Citadel Brands Citadel Brands | 800-229-1240

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