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2018 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 17 2018 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 17 machine and decorators can run multiple personalized pieces in one set. "Even if you don't have team-naming software, you can mount a full run of garments on your multihead machine, and stack your names in your embroidery file," adds Campbell. "Place each name in exactly the same spot, creating a color change for each one. This will allow you to turn off all heads but one for each color change, stitching one gar- ment at a time with the name." For drop- ping names under or over a logo, Camp- bell explains that you can simply move the logo back to the beginning of the file and then stack your names under the logo. Again, turn off all but one head after the logo runs, run the first name, switch to the next head after turning off the last, and run the next name, repeating this process for each head. All you have to do in this instance is break up the file into groups by the number of heads on your machine so that each mounted set starts with the logo. Color is incredibly important to team sales. Though it can be tempting to use a stock set of colors for every order from a certain school or team, always verify the thread color in person if at all possible be- fore running. Despite having a stock color set, you may find that different sports, teams, or groups have variations or are matching existing items. Though it is im- perative that you record the colors used on every order and know the standards as set by the school, never run without confir- mation from the buyer. On that note, al- ways make sure that your clients know that any digital means of approval will not be 100 percent accurate for colors. Monitors, phone screens, and room lighting vary, and, moreover, most digital preview imag- es that simulate three-dimensional stitch- ing can tend to shift the color somewhat in the attempt to show highlights and shad- ows. Only live samples are foolproof. When planning for pre-cut appliqué numbers and names for uniforms, it's worthwhile to plan for and pre-order extra numerals and text so that you can handle spelling changes or number swaps on the fly. If you need to create a budget option for customers who can't afford fully em- broidered names and numbers for jerseys, you can offer heat-applied cut films for the cheapest option, pre-cut faux-stitched appliqué for the middle range, and then a fully zig-zag or satin-stitched embroidered FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO MRPRINT.COM /PW3 20-printhead Duo-Deck confi guration makes it a breeze to screen print two-color numbers. Servo-driven indexing system allows perfect positioning of virtually any digit size or type. Optional Number Pre-Selection adds automatic screen indexing. Simply the Best! M&R ' S ABACUS II NUMBERING PRESS

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