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2018 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 21 2018 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 21 tion. Choosing a special gift for the college coach with the most football wins would warrant a one-of-a-kind selection. Picking something like a large resin-based trophy with a silver or gold finish would be the per- fect choice to show the importance of this milestone. Some of these awards can even be autographed with a permanent marker, allowing the team members to sign this im- pressive gift. A less traditional award could be a photo of a special event, sports activity, or athlete enlarged onto a photo panel. A plate could be made to explain the significance of the photo, or text could be added to the photo before sublimating the image. An example of this type of recognition may be to rec- ognize one or several stand-out athletes. A historical display of these awards could be created to showcase significant milestones or players in high school basketball using photo panels and jerseys, balls, etc. This would make a creative and eye-popping hall of fame display. A display case made of acrylic can be used to keep and protect a special ball like those used for professional balls. The ball could be signed, and a plate could signify the cel- ebration. Representing a different side of the com- memorative market would be something along the lines of a perpetual plaque. This could be done many ways, from a plaque with multiple plates to an artglass or crystal vase on a pedestal base with multiple plates on it. These awards could be used for a spe- cial golf tournament representing the win- ning team each year. A classy way to recognize a national colle- giate golf championship would be to utilize a high-end large handmade metal cup that would symbolize the special achievement of the team. The cups come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and price points. NON-ATHLETES Heading toward more non-traditional sport awards, there are some very creative ways

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