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COMMON THREADS 6 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 2800 West Midway Blvd., Broomfield, Colorado, 80020 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 • FAX (303) 469-5730 w w w . p r i n t w e a r m a g . c o m Publisher STACY MARSHALL Executive Editor CARLY HOLLMAN-LONG Associate Editor MICHAEL CLARK Digital Content Editor ALEXANDRIA ARROYO Art Director ERIK WOGEN Graphic Designer DAYNE PILLOW Advertising Account Executive DESIREE DELFRARI Advertising Account Executive DIANE GILBERT Advertising Account Executive ANNA STETTLER Sales Support JENNIFER ALGER Vice President / Events SUE HUEG, CEM, CMP Senior Trade Show Sales Manager KATIE DITALLO Education Manager ANTOINETTE VERNON NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. President & CEO ROBERT H. WIEBER JR. Vice President / Integrated Media JOHN BENNETT Vice President / Publishing & Markets DAVE POMEROY Vice President / Finance KORI GONZALES, CPA Vice President / Audience LORI FARSTAD Director of IT WOLF BUTLER Please recycle this magazine >> Masks will help keep separa- tions clean and manage stray dots. (PAGE 49) >> When digitizing, as a rule, you want to start with larger areas and work towards smaller areas, and you want to work from the center towards the outside. This technique places the least amount of stress on the fabric and helps reduce distortion. (PAGE 54) >> While various companies built out archaic versions of online stores in the late 1980s, most business experts typi- cally point to 1995, the year Amazon officially opened shop, as the starting point for what e-commerce has evolved into today. (PAGE 64) Quick Lessons from this issue: W hen it comes to high school, one of the first things I think of are the cliques. Blame it on my own traumatic school experiences. A clique is a group of people. Pretty much every school had their jocks, the popular kids, the goths and punks, the art nerds, the academics, the list goes on and on. Then there were the floaters. The group of kids that seemed to jump from group to group, got along with at least one person from each clique, and managed to exist on the outskirts of high school society. If your business were a clique, what would it be? Would you be a jock catering heavily to those in athletics? Find your match in our Team Sales Report, starting on page 48. What about an art nerd focusing primarily on graphic creation? Look no further than page 44 for coverage on that. How about a popular kid, specializing in the latest trends and selling the hottest blanks? You'll probably feel comfortable exploring juniors' trends on page 32. And, finally, what about the floaters? Those that take the best from each market and make it their own. Fortunately for you, we cover more in this issue from headwear to digitizing basics to e-commerce solutions and more. Fortunately, unlike high school, you don't have to stay in your current clique either! By diversifying your business, or even doubling down on a specific market, you can increase your presence within your community and improve your bot- tom line. And Printwear is here to help you through all your ever-changing needs. Consider us your coach. They don't do it like my Clique Carly Hollman-Long

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