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February 2018

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 31 Irrigation Accessories Co. (IACO) • (360) 896-9440 • www.boombacks.com Lindsay Corporation • www.lindsay.com • www.fi eldnetadvisor.com Nebraska Irrigation • (800) 397-1100 • www.nebraskairrigation.com • sales@nebraskairrigation.com Hose Boom The development of part-circle rotator sprinkler heads—eliminating watering on and in front of pivot towers—prompted IACO to develop one of its Boombacks to work specifically with Nelson's PC-R 3000 sprinkler. The simple concept has produced dramatic results. By using IACO's Hose Booms to spread water out near the end of a pivot, irrigators lower the average application rate, reducing agricultural runoff and allowing the soil to make full use of the water being applied. IACO's Innovative Boom Technology uses this concept to save water and increase crop quality and yield. Compared to traditional technologies, Innovative Boom Technology increases water savings by up to 33 percent and yields by as much as 37 percent. FieldNET Advisor FieldNET Advisor, an advanced irrigation management solution, will be available for use on potatoes and other crops for the 2018 growing season. The latest addition to the FieldNET by Lindsay line of products, the tool uses patented technology to deliver the information growers need to make faster, better-informed decisions about when, where and how much to irrigate—improving yields while reducing water usage and other input costs. After entering the field's crop type, hybrids and planting dates, the simple, easy-to-use tool will: Track the available soil water throughout the field; Create a high-resolution map showing the soil water depletion levels across the entire field; Forecast the crop's future water needs and predict when and where, without additional irrigation, yield reduction due to water stress will occur; Automatically generate VRI prescriptions; and Integrate into FieldNET's remote monitoring and control platform. NI Red Pivot Lube NI Red Pivot Lube is truly a one-of-a-kind product. Formulized in the U.S. by Nebraska Irrigation, this product is designed to truly demulsify water. Included in Nebraska's additive package are tackifiers and unique friction modifiers that climb to the outer bearings and help maintain and form a seal for longer gearbox life. Consider Red Pivot Lube for all of pivot gearbox service needs.

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