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December '12

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DEVICE COVERS FOR SMART PHONES AND TABLETS What is a device cover? It is an add-on to personalize electronic devices like smart phones and tablets. It can be a cover, case, sleeve, or skin. Sometimes the product itself is sublimated, as in the iPad sleeve or cover, while other products like the iPhone or iPad case require an insert of metal, fabric, or plastic that is subli- mated. Sublimation turns out to be the ideal decorating technology for all sorts of accessories for smart phones and tablets. MEET THE FAMILY: SMART PHONES Apple started the revolution with the iPhone and has had continued success with its recently released iPhone 5. The initial sales can only be described as Ginormous! The good news for our industry is that the vast majority of iPhone owners will pur- chase a case for their phone. These cases are often purchased to be unique and colorful fashion statements in and of themselves— something that fits perfectly into the dye- sub industry's strategy of providing full- color, on-demand personalized products. Like shopping at Best Buy, there are many different styles and colors of cases for the iPhone 4/4s. By my count, there are at least six different styles to choose from. I recommend getting samples of each case (they are inexpensive) and let- ting your clients decide which they prefer. ONE-PIECE PLASTIC CASES The popular one-piece plastic cases (the first style to be introduced) are avail- able in white, black, and clear, and are decorated with separate metal, fabric, or plastic inserts. For the metal insert, I rec- A&E DEcEmbEr 2012 • Hard plastic covers for iPhone 5. Rubber covers for iPhone 4/4S. 67

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