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192 • RV PRO • February 2018 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S check off the list and submit if back to him. Smart, huh?!? 2. DWMA for the IT side of things. Your DMS system surely has tasks and maintenance that need to be completed on a routine basis. Annually, for example, you need to move the parts history over in the IDS system. 3. The controller's checklist. It's a list of items to be completed with the process of month's end. It should be completed and accompany the final financial state- ment each month. The one Marzahn & King uses is designed in a way that any "yes" answer requires an explanation or amplifying remarks. For example, the checklist would ask if any contracts in transit are more than five days old. A "yes" would trigger an explanation. 4. A PDI is a checklist. 5. A delivery package commonly has a checklist on the front. 6. F&I has checklists for approvals on financing. 7. There should be a checklist for on-boarding a new hire. 8. There should be a checklist for ter- mination of an employee. 9. There is a checklist for new cus- tomer orientation. 10. There is a checklist for an RV rental customer's launch. 11. There is a checklist of items to be done when a unit is received by the shop. 12. There are checklists associated with DACUMs from the RV Learning Center. You get the idea. Some of those check- lists may be covered in future columns in more detail. Let me know if you'd like to see that by email. If there's enough interest, we can go into more detail. For the time being, I wanted to look at the top-level checklist. What items would appear on a list for the owner or general manager? Here's my take on a starter set for O/GMs to adapt for their own use. It is by no means comprehensive. Daily: • As you arrive, drive through the lot checking on general appear- ance, merchandising and security. • Walk through the showroom; check the same things. • Check the log sheet from yesterday for number of ups, number sold and management release. • Compare that log with the greeter's log. • Talk with sales manager about where you are for the month in sold units and deliveries and any hot or pending deals. Also ask how much in gross profit dollars (GP$) have been generated this month. • Check back in with sales manager about 2 p.m. to see how the day is progressing in sales. • Talk with finance manager about GP$ so far this month, about how many deals have been dis- closed, about the status of con- tracts in transit and about any deals held up by banks. • Walk through the service and parts areas and greet each employee. • Check with service manager about any heat cases. • Run and read your daily DOC. Weekly: • Hold a managers' meeting and check performance against budget and sales forecast. • Discuss and solve any inter- departmental issues. • Review any advertising that affects each department. Proactive owners and general managers have daily, weekly, monthly and annual checklists.

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