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rv-pro.com February 2018 • RV PRO • 29 "We don't build parts – we build people," says Jack Kay, president of Torklift and son to company founder Jon Kay. In terms of workplace community, Jack Kay has what he calls the "raindrop theory." Simply put, the idea is that, alone, a drop of water is not much. "But if you could get thousands," he says, "you can unite it, and put it in a streambed, move it to a river … move it to cities, and you can power things. You can have tremendous energy and tremendous force. It's the power of unity." This is largely due to Candice Kay (Jack's wife), who over- sees new hires. When eying a potential employee, she says she looks for one key element: Fire. "When I first started out with Torklift, I didn't have all the necessary tools or formal training," she says, laughing. She jokes about people pulling their hair out as her skills were developed. People she interviews, she says, may not have a necessary skillset, "but they really want to try. They're really ambitious. They have a fire – those are the ones that just surprise you." Before joining Torklift as marketing director, Candice Kay was a journalist, covering the crime and accident beat at a cen- tral Washington newspaper for five years. "I got to see an interesting side of people," she says, adding that it opened her eyes to how diverse people are, and also not to pre-judge them. That lesson paid big dividends for Torklift when it comes to some of the hires she has made. For example, she saw a Torklift's Wes Love operates a machine that punches holes into metal pieces that will be turned into the All Terrain Landing Gear feet. Each piece is meticulously punched to make sure quality is the same on all pieces. Torklift's Spencer Grant grinds down the edges of a piece of metal that will be welded to an attachment plate to create the main portion of the company's All Terrain Landing Gear.

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