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30 • RV PRO • February 2018 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T spark in 19-year-old Hannah Orr, Torklift's graphic designer (or "wizard", according to her email signature). Despite a non- traditional resume, Candice Kay knew Orr would be a happy addition to the Torklift family. "I was kind of between homes, in a little bit of a tough spot, and I knew someone that worked here," Orr says about the time before she met Candice Kay. Her resume, which only showed volunteer work, was sent in, and she soon joined Torklift as an intern. She was made part-time after nine days. "She saw some character in me, something she could work with. … I guess I was very charismatic," Orr says, laughing. Candice Kay says she sees that in others. One welder, Jesse Ramirez, has faded tattoos running along the curves of his face. When Candice Kay sat down with him, she knew he was "going to make a positive impact on others." In December, he told her about a hat and glove drive he'd like to do for homeless children in Seattle. "He said it reminded him of when he was younger, and he wanted to step into their lives and do something to help them," she says. Ramirez's fundraiser was a success, and he was able to disperse hiking kits in addition. "The side effect of investing in people is that they go out to invest in others." Required Reading As a proactive measure in this investment in building people, Torklift executives challenge their employees to make them the best version of themselves. For example, National Sales Manager Kyle Bonita started at Torklift in the manufacturing unit, working on the metal puncher. The story goes that Bonita told Jack Kay he wanted his job one day … and that Jack Kay responded, "OK." With a mentoring mentality, Jack Kay laid out the ground- work of how he covered every post in his father's company from sweeping the floors to working on the manufacturing side. Bonita soon moved to customer service, more job training, and to his current role. As another example, in 2000, Joel Crawford started with the company at age 18 in the shop as a general laborer, sweeping floors. Today, Crawford is vice president of the company. In 2007, before the Great Recession, Torklift experienced Torklift's Arturo Macdenado (above) welds the final pieces of a receiver onto a hitch before attaching it to the crossbar. Torklift's Austin Bryan (right) welds together two parts before bending them into Torklift Derringer Handles for turnbuckles.

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