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26 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 TS: Due to the nature of adventure travel, there are times when you're definitely off the beaten path. Does this factor into the design and durability of any parts you custom-build? SP: Absolutely! We only build things to fill gaps in the existing market. TS: With all the accouterments neces- sary for overlanding, to what extent do you work with your vendors to be able to accommodate their lights, storage boxes, pop-up tents, tools, and other items? SP: Most companies are already on top of the game and know that we are going to stack accessories. However, we have had to work with a few suspension manufacturers on dialing-in suspension for the added weight of all of these items, as it does add up quickly. BURL BURLEY BEVERIDGE, OWNER/FOUNDER Burley Motorsports TS: How did Burley Motorsports get into overlanding? BB: I was introduced to overlanding through an employer who's now a good friend that invited me to a VW Syncro jamboree. After the event, I began fabricating a few custom Syncro parts for him, then on my own when I opened Burley Motorsports. TS: You've been overlanding for years, but what prompted you to get involved in this market? BB: We used to camp out at desert races, and to me overlanding was kind of the same thing, except that we now use off- road vans and we're camping in a non- competitive environment. I really do enjoy custom fabrication and building custom cars, and as you can imagine my desert racing background is why off-road vehicles are my favorite and my specialty. We moved from my hometown of Santa Barbara to Redding, California in 2013, where Burley Motorsports is currently located. TS: The idea behind overlanding or adven- ture travel is that the journey itself is as important as reaching a certain destina- tion. How does this fit in with your Syncro products? BB: Overlanding is definitely a lifestyle that is gaining momentum all the time. We are seeing more overlanders who are able to work remotely, making adventure travel very sustainable. A lot of folks have said that they just don't want to be tied down to the responsibility of home ownership and a stationary life- style They love being free to roam in their vans, while still maintaining a steady source of income. TS: Due to the nature of adventure travel, there are times when you're definitely off the beaten path. Does this factor into the design and durability of the Syncros you build and the parts you manufacture? BB: As I said, this has become a fast- growing trend among younger tech guys. Previously, the VW Syncro overland crowd was millennial hippies, living in their Syn- 26 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 OVERLANDING The LGE-CTS x Tanner Foust Edition VW Atlas is an example of an overlanding vehicle built for long journeys. Beginning with the all-new Volkswagen Atlas, the SUV features rugged off-road tires and 35-inch KMC wheels, extended fenders and lower body panel cladding, and a complete PPG color change. An LGE- CTS fabricated front bumper raises the approach angle and provides under- body protection. Bumper inset and roof-mounted KC HiLites light bars illuminate the night for backcountry camp- ing trips, while a roof rack and access ladder help maintain the interior space. Inside, plaid seat inserts are reminiscent of Volkswagen's GTI heritage and Foust's childhood spent in Scotland. The ROUSH/RPG Off-Road Raptor Overlander concept truck was designed to conquer the backwoods as well as the boulevards, with no-compromise upgrades. The full 3.0 suspension system from ROUSH and FOX features remote reservoirs for extended high-speed control, as well as greater valve controls throughout the suspension range. EcoBoost powertrain upgrades consist of a ROUSH Performance Pac Level 1, while RPG's extensive list of off-road articulation upgrades include off-road upper control arms, tie rods, frame support kit and rear leaf springs. Protection upgrades include an RPG Off-Road Overlanding conversion, front and rear bum- pers, chase rack and BFGoodrich 37-inch KM2 tires. A range of lighting upgrades from Baja Designs provide an added level to the truck's off-road abilities.

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