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42 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 Advanced Tuning Technology Bully Dog, Sanford, Florida, presents its new BDX Performance Programmer with advanced tuning technology. Wi-Fi capability means no more connecting to a computer, and with cloud-tune delivery, customers can simply connect the BDX to Wi-Fi and grab the latest tune files. The BDX programmer includes push-button selection of Bully Dog-developed tuning levels and a wide variety of customizable parameters (PIDs) for many of today's vehicles. A crisp, full-color screen and high-resolution customizable gauges keep performance parameters in full view. Programmable Ignition FAST, Memphis, Tennessee, offers the E7 Programmable Ignition, designed to deliver the kind of power and precision required from today's racing engines. The capacitive discharge ignition provides up to 160mJ of energy and +/- 1/2-degree of timing accuracy. The powerful spark is matched to a multi-strike function below 3,000 rpm, which keeps the engine running clean and crisp. The E7 Programmable Ignition features two adjustable rev limiters. Adjusting the timing features of the E7 is easy with the FAST I-COM software. Extensive Vehicle Tuning Coverage DiabloSport, Ogden, Utah, presents the all-new Trinity 2 (T2) with capacitive touchscreen for tuning and monitoring cars, trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Trinity 2 features include: new enclosure with thin, sleek look for sharp on-dash display; 5-inch color screen offering swipe functionality; options for gauge and screen layout configuration; and more. Also available is a monitor-only device (the MX) that serves as a gauge cluster and data acquisition device for those not seeking performance programming or those who already own a tuner and just want gauges and data. Ram Handheld Performance Tuner Edge Products, Ogden, Utah, presents the EvoHT2 premium Handheld Performance Tuner that programs 2015- '17 Ram 5.7-liter Hemi pickups with an unlocked PCM. Offering improved fuel economy and towing capabilities, the tuner also features speedometer calibration for 25- to 42-inch tire size changes and axle gear changes, advanced tuning selections for rev limiter and speed limiter, cooling fan control, MDS disable, and read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. TUNERS & PROGRAMMERS Software Update HP Tuners, Buffalo Grove, Illinois presents VCM Suite 3.6, its latest software now available for download. The release includes updates ranging from newly supported vehicles, updated definition tables, additional controller functions and a wider range of scanning abilities. VCM Suite is designed for both the home enthusiast and the professional tuner shop that tunes GM, Ford and Dodge vehicles. The product is easy to use and includes VCM Editor and VCM Scanner.

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