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44 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 T oday's street and race engines have an appetite for horsepower. Aftermarket fuel pumps are designed to feed these hungry beasts. From inline to in-tank versions running everything from gasoline to methanol to E85, there's a lot to consider when choosing the best fuel pump application for your customers' specific needs. Manufacturers share their hottest prod- ucts, thoughts on the market, and their favorite installation tips and tricks for shops looking to fuel the fire. AEROMOTIVE INC. Lenexa, Kansas Kyle Fickler Director of Business Development Our hottest fuel pump product for 2018 is … … our new Aeromotive Brushless Gear pumps set a new standard for fuel flow at real-world operating pressures. Currently available in 5.0- and 3.5-gpm versions, our brushless technology results in a signifi- cant drop in amperage, offering cooler fuel temperatures while providing enough fuel for extremely high-horsepower applications on gas, E85 or methanol. The Aeromotive spur gear mechanism is ideal for high system pres- sures, and has been tested to 150 psi. We have also added brushless technology to our A1000 and Eliminator roller vane pumps. All four are available in in-tank, inline or installed in one of our aluminum fuel cells. Its best features include … … our Brushless Gear pumps feature the latest in brushless technology, resulting in a significant drop in current draw and a Feed your customers' horsepower needs with the proper fuel pump. FUEL THE FIRE Fuel Pumps p.44 Wales Profile p.50 Performance Products p.54 Preventing Harassment p.56 FEBRUARY 2018 subsequent reduction in fuel temperatures. The spur gear pump mechanism provides very linear flow and enhanced durability at high system pressures. The most common mistake shops make when working with customers on a new fuel pump purchase is … … not asking the customer enough questions about their combination. Many retail cus- tomers walk in wanting a fuel pump that supports X horsepower, but until you determine if the application is EFI or carbureted, naturally aspirated or forced induction, continuous duty or race-only, and what type of fuel the customer is run- ning, you aren't in a position to sell them the right fuel pump. One-size-fits-all is not the reality in fuel systems. One thing installers can do to make fuel pump installations faster and easier is … … honestly, follow the instructions. We would probably rank quality before faster and easier, so our engineering staff includes a lot of pictures and diagrams in our instructions to simplify installation and to ensure maximum performance. 44 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 Finding the proper fuel pump for each application is the key to a quality installation. (Photo courtesy Aeromo- tive Inc.) Ask the right questions before the sale to deter- mine the best solu- tion for each project. (Photo courtesy Aeromotive Inc.)

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