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MARCH 2018 THE SHOP 47 and flow. Being familiar with converting these values can help compare products better. HOLLEY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Bowling Green, Kentucky Jeff Teel Events and P.R. Coordinator Our hottest fuel pump product for 2018 is … … the Holley EFI Fuel Cell Pump Module Assemblies and our new OEM-style EFI in-tank pumps. The fuel cell system comes in 6- and 12-bolt versions and is a drop-in- ready EFI fuel solution for many popular aftermarket fuel cells. Its best features include … … these fuel assemblies will drop into a variety of aftermarket fuel cells and create a fueling solution that helps keep your fuel system colder with minimal effort. We have both 255- and 450-lph pump assemblies to create solutions for a range of vehicles, from a classic resto-mod EFI conversion to a 750-hp Dominator street machine. The assemblies are adjustable from 7.5 up to 12 inches deep to fit higher capacity cells. They feature billet aluminum construction and utilize a –10AN outlet to meet higher fuel flow demands and a –8AN inlet to provide adequate return fueling and cooler fuel temps. The most common mistake shops make when working with customers on a new fuel pump purchase is … … size does matter. Everyone knows it is bad to run out of fuel. Starving your engine is never a good thing and can result in some real damage. However, a very common mistake is thinking bigger is always better. When it comes to fuel, you really want to feed your engine what it demands. Constant, dedicated flow and a cooler fuel system results in the best per- formance for any application. Going too big on a pump is a lot like going too big on a carburetor. When you start dumping too much fuel, it is going to need somewhere to go. In the case of a return-style fuel system, constantly circulating too much volume will result in heating up the fuel and poten- tial cavitation can result. Aerating an elec- trical pump will eventually result in failure. Luckily, we make pumps in multiple ranges to make sure you are providing the engine what it requires. One thing installers can do to make fuel pump installations faster and easier is … … the fuel cell assemblies we make are that solution. Normally in a fuel system conver- sion, installers are looking at a multitude of things that need to take place. Do I need to drop a tank? Is inline the right choice? Do I have a good mounting location? Should I sump the tank? With these assemblies, all you need to do is set the height for your pickup, drop the assembly, and mount it. We even provide a template for proper drill locations to ease the process. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the fuel pump market is … … electronic fuel injection. With all the technology and afford- ability there is today, going fuel-injected for your hot rod Turbos and superchargers are driving a need for higher-flowing fuel pumps. (Photo courtesy Deatsch- Werks) Knowing and trusting your fuel pump supplier is important to ensuring a quality installation every time. (Photo courtesy TI Auto- motive) WE ARE SERVICE Call: 1.800.521.9999 Español: 1.800.521.9910 Web: We are your source for FREE, 24-7 online access to the largest inventory in the market. • Easy online searches • Fast, efficient checkout • Real-time inventory status • Shipment tracking

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