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48 THE SHOP MARCH 2018 is nearly a given. Unless you are into the nostalgia, fuel injection is the surefire way to make your baby reliable and fun to drive under all conditions. All that fuel injection requires is an updated fuel system to meet that demand. DEATSCHWERKS FUEL SOLUTIONS Oklahoma City Chris Mills Sr Technical Product Specialist Our hottest fuel pump product for 2018 is … … the DW400 415-lph fuel pump. Its best features include … … a turbine impeller mechanism for smooth, quiet delivery, and 415-lph opera- tion at 40 psi. But, the really important numbers are 350 lph at 80 psi and 320 lph at 100 psi. The 70-100 psi range boasts an average flow increase of 31 percent over the closest in-tank pump competitor. The most common mistake shops make when working with customers on a new fuel pump purchase is … … under- or overestimating the fuel demands of the customer's needs. We have several Fuel Calculators on our website that will provide injector size, fuel pump delivery, flow vs. pressure, and flow rate conver- sions. One thing installers can do to make fuel pump installations faster and easier is … … familiarize themselves with the installation procedure and the components that are included with each kit. We have instal- lation instructions with pictures for most of our application-specific pumps and kit part numbers. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the fuel pump market is … … the market's desire for more horse- power. Turbos and superchargers are great, beautiful components, but you also need more fuel to match the additional air being forced into the engine. TI AUTOMOTIVE Auburn Hills, Michigan Brian Altenberger Aftermarket Business Director, Americas Our hottest fuel pump product for 2018 is … … TI Automotive, known by many as Walbro automotive fuel pumps which TI acquired in 1999, recently released three new high-performance Mustang fuel modules covering application years 2011 to 2016. They are complete drop-in fuel modules including fuel level sensors/float arms. The modules are outfitted with TI's award-winning 39/50 DCSS (dual channel, single stage) fuel pump featuring gas and flex fuel capability. The high-performance upgrade can support up to an additional 150 hp over the stock replacement pump. TI also released the stock replacement ver- sions for these Mustang modules. We are also expanding TI's award-win- ning 39/50 DCSS (dual channel, single stage) fuel pump product line with the introduction of PN F90000285, which features in-tank pump flow of 445 lph at 40 psi, 400 lph at 60 psi and 360 lph at 80 psi. It's designed to operate in gas and E85 and comes with a check valve to avoid system leak-down and extended cranking at start-up. Its best features include … … the pump used in the Mustang mod- ules is the market-trusted TI 39/50 DCSS pump, similar to the popular high-per- formance pump PNs F90000267 and F90000274. The modules and pumps are made in the USA at the Caro, Michigan manufacturing plant. Plus, the modules feature fit, form and function for easy drop- in installation for the high-performance and stock replacement modules. The quality that goes into every part comes from our experience as an original equipment supplier to the world's largest OEMs, as well as a supplier to some of the fastest production cars on the road. The TI design maximizes performance in all operating conditions, especially hot fuel conditions. Plan ahead for fittings and lines, and have all the accessories such as fuel filters and regu- lators before starting a job. (Photo courtesy Weldon Pump) Consumers turn to profession- als for help finding the right components to meet their per- formance desires. (Photo courtesy Edelbrock) FUEL THE FIRE

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