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March '18

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material to help protect from the sun's damaging rays. Designed with an attrac- tive V-neck cut, this shirt is available in a series of colors including pink, pearl, arctic, white, and seagrass. PRODUCTION-READY SUBLIMATION SOCKS Although sublimatable socks have become a successful product, producing them has proven to be tedious and time consuming. The remedy? Production- ready sublimation socks. Sublimation s o c k s c o m e p r e - m o u n t e d o n t h e i r pressing jigs for quick sublimation and uniform results. As a bonus, after pressing you can use the jig as a holder for a retail peg mount. This is a true breakthrough in streamlining production and nailing consistency. INDUSTRIAL MUG WRAPPER: TURBO WRAPPER Most people that sublimate ceramic mugs press them one at a time in a mug press similar to the George Knight DK3 (press time is typically about four min- utes). In high-volume production, they switch to using a traditional convection oven (typical time in an oven is around 15 minutes) or even a conveyor oven like the HIX SubliPro (180 mugs per hour). When a convection or conveyor oven is used, the transfer must be affixed on the mug and then a mug wrap placed around the entire mug before heating. Mug wraps require quite a bit of labor and time to install and remove from the mug, and sometimes require a torque wrench to tighten and loosen. With these challenges in mind, the folks at Technotape created the TURBO wrapper. This semi-automated device allows the printed transfer and wrap to be installed on the mug in seconds with ultra-high precision. Watch my video at CondeTV for more information. CLOSING These new products highlight two themes for our industry: shedding light on ways to improve existing products, and bringing you the latest innovative products. I would love to hear back on what new products you are looking for as well as your best sales and marketing tips to include in a future article or to include in my class. I can be reached at 251-633-5704 ext. 202, or A&E MARCH 2018 • 11 A&E Production minded. Designed to bring ideas to reality, the new UJF-MkII Series printers are production-focused professional tools that can deliver an array of specialty, customized and personalized items, awards and more. Mimaki_UJF-MkII_H_AE1117.indd 1 10/10/17 5:03 PM

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