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SEPTEMBER 2002 "I officially joined the A&E team in 2002. I'd started working with NBM in late 1997, quickly becoming a young salesperson in the sign industry—an industry which was evolving with new technologies on what seemed like a daily basis. At the time, the awards and engraving market didn't seem as exciting; it felt, in contrast, a little sleepy. And yet there was an appeal I could not quite name. I found myself drawn to the market. I requested a chance to "jump ship," so to speak, and work with A&E, selling our trade shows. What a first year in the market that was! We made huge changes to our events that year, changes that moved the A&E market from the back of the hall to front and center—a literal move that also serves as a ringing metaphor, considering the growth we've experienced since. What was for years our show's smallest segment pulled up from behind and claimed a place up front in multi-industry innovation. It was transformed on every level. I've watched the market progress and expand in ways I couldn't have imag- ined 16 years ago. Companies that were startups are now industry leaders; some have faded away; others have evolved and become whole new flourishing versions of themselves, but the constant—and the honest heart of that appeal I couldn't put a name on so long ago—remains the people. They're not just clients. They're family. I've been lucky. I've been mentored, befriended, and treated as family by some of the most incredible people throughout the years, many of whom (most, actually) are still passionately driving our market into the future. I can't wait to see what the next decade brings." —Brandy Jamison-Neth, executive trade show sale manager NOVEMBER 2004 The very first Laser Engraving Report was published. JUNE 2007 Kevin Lumberg, current A&E col- umnist, writes his first column for the magazine. AUGUST 2007 Email was rapidly becoming a popular form of communication; A&E was there to keep readers informed. MARCH 2008 A&E celebrates its 20th anniversary. JULY 2008 A tribute to Norm Dobbins was featured here. Following are industry thoughts from Ruth Dobbins: "I remember many of the trade shows, especially the early ones, where we often ended up going out to music venues with Beverly and Mike Wieber. When we got started, there was no place to go take a class or anyone who would help. To us, it has always been important to pass on our knowledge; it's the only way to keep a craft alive. It is also important to us to provide a neutral source of information, informa- tion based on experience and truthfully disclosing pros and cons of equipment and materials. In the early years, the show (THE NBM SHOW) had not learned the importance of putting sign-up limits on our hands- on workshops. I remember a scenario in Indianapolis where our workshop was so overbooked, that between Norm and I, we worked with people on two blasting stations. The lines almost went out into the hallway. The session that should have lasted until 2 p.m. ended around 6 p.m. I remember Bob Wieber coming by, totally amazed at the fact that Norm stood like a rock and calmly carried on the whole time to avoid mutiny. From then on, there was a limit of 25 put onto the workshops. I'm sure more would surface if I kept thinking about it all. Looking at all the material, I am reminded of all the develop- ments we have encountered." JANUARY 2009 Eric Priceman, current columnist for A&E, writes his first column for the magazine. A&E MARCH 2018 • 37

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