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A&E MARCH 2018 • 41 Graphic Design and the new shape can be pulled off to the side, awaiting further use. So, you can create new shapes from the area where two shapes overlap, or create a new shape from both overlapping shapes depending on whether you click within the overlap or outside of the overlapping shapes. In essence, the Smart Fill tool works much like the shape tools, trimming or welding as needed but in a more streamline fashion. (fig 2) Let's not forget the Properties bar options. Look before you click, because up there you can make decisions about the fill options—whether to use a Default fill, a Specified fill, or no fill—and the out- line options—the same choices but also including stroke width specifications. Those Properties bar options also contain a button for selecting the colors of choice for both outline or fill from palettes. Whether you are adding color to normally hard-to- color places or want a quick way to build new objects from old, the Smart Fill tool is worth experimenting with. RECTANGLE, ELLIPSE, POLYGON, AND FONT TOOLS These tools remain much as they always have, including the 3-point Rect- angle and Ellipse tools, which I covered in recent articles. PARALLEL DIMENSION AND STRAIGHT LINE CONNECTOR TOOLS These tools have specialized uses not normally used in our industry, so I won't cover them here. DROP SHADOW TOOL The Drop Shadow tool has evolved over time into something much more intuitive to work with. Select the object that you want to attach the drop shadow to, click on the Drop Shadow tool, then click where you want the drop shadow to start. Drag it out in the direction you want the drop shadow to travel and to the desired length. A Start marker appears near the starting point and an End marker appears at the end point of the drop shadow. These two

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