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48 • A&E MARCH 2018 A LOOK BACK AT OUR MONTHLY MEDLEY OF NEWS # ReHash Send your news items, along with accompanying photos, in a concise press release to Marley Jeranko, Digital Content Editor, at For more news items, check out Here at A&E, we have our pencil pressed between two pages: paper and web. We understand that with the bustle of business, shop owners call for cut-to-the-bone content to deliver the same quality of information and insight that helps fine-tune the success of their shop. You can get A&E's eNewsletter, featuring fresh news content, delivered directly to your inbox every after- noon by visiting, plugging in your email address, and clicking 'Sign Up.' Your request will be processed immediately and the eNewsletter will arrive promptly the next business day. The A&E eNewsletter content published this past month highlights unique educational opportunities in laser engraving; top tips for best sublimation and sandcarving practices; details on the latest graphic design trends; and even an article on the unusual, custom culture-inspired creations found at Rockabil- laque Festival (imagine awards staged out of old oil cans, wrenches, and hubcaps). Check out a brief wrap-up of this month's news here. California Wildfires, 'Our Store Was Ground Zero' Although it's been several months since wildfires devastated the rolling hills of California, the impact is still being felt by awards and engraving retailers in the area. "We watched the fire at 1:30 a.m., a block from our house, go across the ridge a quarter mile away and down into Santa Rosa," recalls Dennis Wilkinson. The wildfire started in Calistoga late that night, October 9, 2017, jumping 12 miles into his town in just three hours when 90 mph winds picked up. Wilkinson's home barely dodged danger. His store, D&S Awards, did not have the same fate. "We were just lucky that the wind didn't shift for a few days," he explains. Most people just got a knock on the door from neigh- bors with only 10 minutes to grab kids, pets, and anything else they could manage to get out, many leaving in pajamas. Because of the way the streets were in the hills, some had no choice but to drive into the fire to get out and some cars had plastic pieces melted off or were on fire as they came out. "Our store was ground zero, with many stores within a couple hundred yards burned completely to the ground," he says. "With the fire being wind-blown, it was so hot that not a single fire safe survived and every foundation must be removed, with the lots being scraped to clean dirt before anything can be done." He adds, "Our building survived mainly because it is in an industrial part of town next to neighborhoods where many build- ings are made of concrete. We were evacuated with no power or gas for 10 days and we were closed for a total of three weeks before we could get cleaned up enough to open." Read the full story here: The Wooden Shelf Receives Top Grant Three Milroy, Indiana businesses have been awarded grants from the Milroy Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to promote growth and improvements in their operations. Among such, The Wooden Shelf, a family-owned gifts and personaliza- tion shop specializing in laser engraving and sublimation, is the winner of the largest grant: $2,500. Owners Mark and Brenda Sebastian received a letter in the mail late November 2017 notifying them of their accepted application. The checks were later presented at the MEDC Christmas dinner on December 13, held at the Takathemoke restaurant in town. The money will be used to purchase a new furnace to heat the 6,600-square-foot converted grocery store, the Sebastians tell A&E. Want more? Visit

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