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20 6 Issue 45 / 2012 THE MASTER COMING SOON... This tale of a former World War II soldier finding solace in the arms of a new cult has already made waves, no doubt thanks to the parallels it draws between the church of Scientology and the films own sect, The Cause. But those expecting The Social Network: Scientology Edition (With Tom Cruise as a pseudo-L. Ron Hubbard!) should adjust expectations. The Cause's charismatic leader Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) doesn't even appear until the thirty-minute mark, giving director Paul Thomas Anderson time to establish Joaquin Phoenix's Freddy as a soul left battered by war. Sex-obsessed and prone to violence, Freddy struggles to slot back into society, losing jobs and relationships to the aforementioned vices. He's lost in every sense of the word, and clings to pre-war nostalgia, and a niggling lost romance that powers the films lean plot. The Cause plays on Freddy's lust for the past, promising him a forgotten set of memories that only they can help him unlock. What is most striking about The Master is that the power doesn't lie solely in the hand of the teacher. Freddy may be hungry for a mentor, a father figure, even, but the controlled, usually placid Lancaster is clearly fascinated by his pupil's hot- tempered impulses and sees in him a certain freedom that his own life lacks. Indeed, behind this great man stands a possibly greater woman, Amy Adams' Peggy leaving tantalizing interpretations of performance, Hoffman power play in her wake. In an ingeniously subtle their own certainly justifies Freddy's loyalty. He's earthy, wise but also funny and approachable, and a dab hand at flogging his creed. But from the films opening scenes, it's obvious this is Phoenix's film and it's a fantastic return to form from the man many feared would never reach the heights of Walk the Line again. He'd even be guaranteed a shot at Oscar if he could just keep his mouth shut (Phoenix recently proclaimed the ceremony to be "utter bulls***"), but perhaps for him, to have given such a stunning performance is enough. It's certainly more than enough for us. SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS 5TH DECEMBER Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken get entangled in the L.A. criminal underworld when a gangster's Shih Zhu is stolen by one of their own. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY 14TH DECEMBER It's coming! After years of speculation and occasional dips in hope, Peter Jackson is back in the director's chair, at last bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings prequel to the silver screen. LIFE OF PI 20TH DECEMBER Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's bestseller (once thought to be unfilmable) finds the eponymous Pi stranded in the Pacific Ocean with only a hungry Bengal tiger for company. 2nd NOV

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