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Issue 45 / 2012 HOUSE / TECHNO 6 7 35 ERIC VOLTA A resident DJ for one of London's most infamous parties - Lo*kee, this producer is keeping himself busy with up and coming new labels, new music and a radio show in his hometown Berlin. When we met you were called Kid Dub, will you ever use that moniker again? Probably not, that was a learning curve; I spent that over 4 to 5 years. It was initially Kid Doobie but people didn't understand how to pronounce it so people just called me Kid Dub. Lots of people put no thought into their names and then are stuck with it, so when I changed it I made sure that a lot of thought went into it like musically who am I etc. So how did you derive Eric Volta? I'm a big fan of lots of kinds of music: electronic, classical, instrumental. The Eric is from Erik Satie one of my favourite classical composers and what he symbolises is the change in mentality of classical music to a modern mentality. He destroyed the idea of classical, concertos and focuses on short phrasing, appreciating the space in sound, back in the 1900s the Volta come from the Mars Volta, a modern day Pink Floyd. I worked with some of them years back; they represent an experimentation point in music. So name influences to me, so that helps build the identity of who I am. I just took a little bit of thought, rather than smoking a lot of weed and calling myself Kid Doobie. attributes important musical What music were you listening to when you were growing up? My dad's into blues and rock and my mum's into soul and country, so you have those influences. I was an 80s child as well, in the 90s I got into hip hop and heavy metal also dub, reggae and then jazz. When you discover music there is no limit to what you listen to. There aren't enough hours to listen to all good music so don't waste time listening to shit. Right now I have a fascination of music from the 20s and 30s, it was an honest era, pure escaping for people going through the depression, there was a melancholy undertone beneath the happy music. The recording process as well, music was only just getting recorded properly. When did you decide to produce? It was never a decision, just something I did that I was lucky to make a living out of it. There was just nothing else I wanted to do. I started with house with a record I started in 2002/03 with some friends way back, the record I did was Kid Dub with the Micro Genius. Pick up by Mode Music, I just made money from this music! I just got more gigs, cheques and albums. Don't get me wrong I love the music but it's nice to get paid. You recently moved to Berlin from London, how come the move? For a change of living in London and change in scenery, coming over here and realising everybody's attitude is refreshing, everybody is laid back, non- superficial parties, London is saturated with fame chaser and I'm sick of it so here it's nice to be with people that aren't. I never played politics in London which is kind of how it feels like, you've got to do people favours to get things I tried to prove myself with talent and my music and people now that have no money and the successes did people favours. What's really sad is that London plays a very important role in electronic music, the legislation restricting events and the fact that it's so expensive to live there people struggle a lot harder than they used to. I wish people had a break like the pioneers in the UK got. I feel for the UK their heritage is worth protecting. I do owe London loads, there's a reason why I moved there. How far back do you want to go the 60s, England rocks? You've got respect the history of English music, its pioneered so much to What's Eric Volta got going on right now? A few remixes, for a guy named Forest, from the Prince Club, I just did a record with him and my l buddy Sebastian Voigt which is out on Louis Fresca's label. I met Louis and he seemed cool, I don't do remixes for anyone unless I've met them and they seem like a nice guy. You don't wanna let your friend down when you do remixes. If you just do it for a pay cheque then its a job and I don't really want to see my music as a job. I'm doing remix for an artist I signed for Lo*kee music. I'm working with Lo*kee to start up two record labels in 2013, they'll drop in March. 1st release is from a very young talented Irish producer; I won't say who it is though, there's more but I can't really stay. I started working with Studio R in Berlin, and just started working on a radio show. Like an online radio station with video productions and podcasting. Lots of famous people pass through Berlin. So I'm doing two shows with them, interviews, tech talks aswell. I'm not really prepared for video, being confident for a set is different to being confident on camera, all eyes are on you and they can rewind. The whole thing is transient, cut live so its quite cool. What's your fondest gig memory? 2-3 years ago, doing parties with Lo*kee. I remember going out for New Years then heading to Fabric, hosting Room 3 I decided to play old famous 90s hit track and stuff I hadn't played before and wondering how the crowd would like it. A friend said I had the biggest balls in London ever, not realising it was a song that had been No.1! I just had fun, it wasn't rehearsed and was very memorable and people saying it was one of the best they had ever heard. For more information check out JOE LA GROOVE┬┤S TOP 10 1. Behling & Simpson - U Were All Mine - 2020 Midnight Visions 2. Another Planet - Stargazer (Jib Rafill (Space Funk remix) - Planet Dust 3. Elon Featuring Joe Le Groove - Kolekti - ReSolute Label 4. Christian Orlo - Feeling Dry - Riff Raff 5. Mr Doris & Andy Baxter - Born In The Ghetto (Joe Le Groove & Massimo Zito) - Brake Horse Records 6. Chris James - Kind Of Heavy (Andre Crom remix) - Klangkultur Schallplatten 7. Another Planet - Planet 7 - Planet Dust 8. Moliner - We Are One (DZeta N' Basile remix) - Depaart 9. Elon & Alexi Delano - Mondo - ReSolute Label 10. Italoboyz - Digger Bick (Luna City Express remix) - Superfiction Recordings INTERVIEW

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