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Issue 45 / 2012 GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS LIVIN' PROOF HIP-HOP / RNB 39 7 ARTIST OF THE MONTH : FLYING LOTUS London based Hip-Hop DJ group already creating a huge fuss in the industry Livin' Proof are currently tearing receiving up acclaim from Hip-Hop lovers all over London. But who are they? Consisting of some of the most respected current Hip-Hop DJs, the Livin' Proof crew's much scene, critical up consists of DJ Rags, DJ Khalil, DJ Snips and Budgie, not to forget a long list of an 'extended family' of a range of other DJs including the Work It Girls and Radi Dadi. Holding regular events and making regular appearances in various locations around London, Livin' Proof far exceed your average disc- jockeys, and have a range of other talents on their repertoire, including having their own radio slot on NTS radio. More than just music appreciators, they can also boast the art of music-making fundamental line- the – you'll be impressed to know that they make their own beats and what's more, they also have some fresh design talent on their year, Livin' Proof events have hosted some jaw-droppingly exciting, team. This nights, headlined by some hot names from the industry, such as A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Dom Kennedy, and it is inevitable that Livin' Proof will go out with a bang by the end of 2012. Your average Livin' Proof night will bring you a seamless, artful and original mix of Hip- Hop and Rap from the '90s to the present day, keeping you glued to the dance floor and dancing all night long. Don't miss out - make your way to their next event, we guarantee absolute sell-out hooked! Resistance is futile. that you'll ALBUM OF THE MONTH MAGNA CARTA be With new album Until the Quiet Comes released last month, Flying Lotus proves he's still at the height of his powers. Related to jazz legends Alice and John Coltrane, perhaps groundbreaking music was always in his blood. But lineage or no lineage, his success been of his own making, with every release garnering fresh critical acclaim for has Flying never listened to his stuff before, electronic Lotus. for an ethereal experience. Crystalline tones and deeply layered soundscapes typify the material on offer, but it's difficult to sum up such an prepare yourself If producer, you've undeniably extensive back catalogue in a single sentence. From his first EP, 2007's Reset, he has consistently spanned styles, with each release bringing a fresh addition to his sound. Until the Quiet Comes is no exception to this. Laid-back 'MmmHmm' and 'Heave(n)' show a divergence tracks, like the previous album, Cosmogramma, which was a taut, stripped down listen with a clear sense of urgency. There are similarities to other contemporary from electronic acts like Woodkid, Caribou and really sets this album apart from other offerings is the minute level of detail. The off kilter beats are perfectly sculpted and pin sharp. But this intricate experience is accomplished without Bonobo; but what ever coming across as over produced. The tracks feel organic- as if you're listening to some natural process at a molecular level. Speaking to The National in a recent interview, it explained his motivation behind the latest move in Flying Lotus direction: "I think I'd have been if I tried to recreate the same energy as I did on Cosmogramma – like, go in further. How about we pull back, try to do something that gets to the core of the emotional sentiment. Not so grand, more intimate." With a hectic world tour featuring only a couple of UK dates lined up, make sure you catch him while you can at Troxy on November 16th. in a bad position Tickets and details at TOUR SCHEDULE : RIZZLE KICKS A well-read and solipsistic thinker, emcee Melanin 9's stage name is born from the Greek 'melas' (black). The number signifies his skin tone, and nods to Supreme "a scientific doctrine that represents black people," he says. "If you want to go deep into it, if you look under a microscope at a black person's hair, you see the way it grows – it coils in to a 9 shape from the roots." M9, as he's also known, first appeared on the radar five years ago with his Mathematics, Fidelity' mixtape, and a year later, in 2008, hip-hop DJ Sarah Love labelled his follow-up '144,000' as "the best release" of the year. This album, released by Red Snow on December 'High 3, is length bow, and leans on mid-1990s with a heavy influence, too, from Londoner Jehst, who helped produce this offering. There are hints of the philosophical lyricist Nas, The Pharcyde's jazzy edge and the gore of Wu- Tang Clan. The title track begins with the late Gil Scott Heron explaining his 1970 poem-song The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. With mellow beats and forceful rapping about gritty street stories M9's Magna Carta (which translates as 'grand charter') is an important release, setting out his own lofty ambitions. an impressive full- stateside rap, 15th November @Roundhouse, London 16th November @O2 Academy Brixton, London 17, 18th November @O2 Academy,Birmingham 20th November @Corn Exchange, Cambridge 21st November @Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth 23rd November @Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon 24,25th November @O2 Apollo, Manchester 27th November @ O2 Academy, Glasgow 28th November @ Corn Exchange, Edinburgh 30th November @ Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen

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