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42 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP Issue 45 / 2012 AYAH MARAR JOHNO | This lady is absolutely smashing it right now, having supported Calvin Harris and Example on tour she has just dropped a new album 'The Real'. Before getting down to an exclusive acoustic 'On the Spot Session' for us we had a chat with one of leading females in UK bass music. How are you doing? Great, thank you so much for having me. It's an absolute pleasure. First things first, what were your musical influences growing up? Well my mother was a big Beatles fan, my father used to listen to everything from Elton John to Thin Lizzy so it was very much rock and roll based. But then I discovered reggae and soul music and it all sort of fitted into place from there. I've heard you're a bit of an old school hip hop fan? Very much so, yeah! You've just supported Example on tour. We've heard he's a bit of a joker! Did you have some fun with that? I did and also supported Calvin Harris on tour too. Being the only girl means you are the butt of a lot of jokes; you have to grow a thick skin! But he's a lovely guy and very talented and I'm very proud of him. Now you're a massive favourite at Hospitality events. How is it performing alongside Camo & Krooked? "It's mental! I really hope I can keep it up though, so keep raving people! And supporting independent music because They're my boys you know, I love that they wanted me to be a part of it. We went round Now you've written some tracks with DJ Fresh and also Calvin It was insane. Will Simms, the initial producer and I started it together about a year and a half ago and when I started going back into that's what is important." the world together and they're severely talented guys. Reinhard (Camo) is very serious; he tells it like it is, Markus (Krooked)is the cuddly, loveable huggy bear that tells you it's all going to be alright! They have a 'good cop, bad cop' thing going on but I love them both to bits. You're actually known as Queen of Bass, I think that's the best title a girl could have! How does that Harris. How does it feel being a female artist in quite a male dominated genre? I've never really thought of it being a boy or a girl; it's just been if you are good at what you do, you will get recognised for it. It's never been about whether you have a pair of boobs or a pair of balls! But I do enjoy repping it for the girls, it's nice to come through and show them we can do it. And I hope this will drum and bass, we started getting more people on board – Camo and Krooked and loads of other people. But it's my baby and I'm proud of it, and I hope everyone else is as well. And it's on your own label, Hussle Girl. Was it important for you to do it independently? Absolutely, yeah. I have no qualms with people who want to go the label route, and make you feel? It's mental! I really hope I can keep it up though, so keep raving supporting independent that's what is important. people! And music because encourage more girls to step up. Your album 'The Real' has just dropped. How did you find making it? if that works for people, then absolutely. But for me, I'm a complete control freak as you can see from tonight! And I just wanted it to be our people, our way, and hopefully kind of start a trend if we can. Can we get an exclusive Ayah Marar fact? Something no one else knows, especially for us? I once had my UGG boots peed on in on a tour bus by a soundman... (Laughs) It's out there now! Finally, are you looking forward to playing in front of friends and family tonight? Absolutely, yes. It's actually more nerve wracking doing it in front of friends and family than total strangers. So wish me luck! The best of luck! Thank you so much for talking to us. Thank you darling! For more info check out INTERVIEW

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