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54 RESTAURANTS Issue 45 / 2012 STAY HEALTHY, CALM AND MOTIVATED THIS WINTER Winter is approaching soon so keep warm and get your kitchen filled up with winter food. The Guestlist recommends a list of essentials that will keep you healthy through winter. 1. Water: Summer is over but it doesn't mean that you should stop drinking water. Keep your body and brain hydrated with at least seven to eight glasses of water a day. 2. Fish: Due to the low sunlight in winter, your body lacks Vitamin D, which can be found in fish. Having this will keep you fit and calm. 3. Oranges: They are good for summer but they are equally good for winter. provides Vitamin C for your skin and helps to boost your mood. It is a satisfying fruit for the brain. Eat at least one orange a day. It 4. Dry Fruits: If you do not like fresh fruit, some good alternatives raisins, apricot and dried plums. They will keep you warm as well as help prevent depression. cashews, are almonds, dates, Keep some of them in your pocket and eat them during the day. 5. Natural Yoghurt: Consume yoghurt during winter, it will boost your immune system and will also take care of your mental health. You can also go for low fat yoghurt but do not skip its intake- have it at least three times a week. VINNI COMPETITION! I'm Vinni, and if you're lucky, I'm yours. Crafted by expert winemakers, they would simply wish me to tell you that "I'm a perfect pint of lightly sparkling, fresh and fruity loveliness that adores being served over ice". But, I'd rather let you be the judge of that. For more about VINNI including the chance to star as VINNI on billboards in London and your hometown visit To win one of our 5 VINNI important packages - each including 8 bottles of VINNI as well as exclusive VINNI merchandise, just answer the below and send your answers to "What type of fruit is Vinni made from?" Competition open to over 18's only

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