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TRIMBLE TAKES TIME Sunnyvale, CA—Trimble VRS Now Ag service for farmers includes an additional nine U.S. states—Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Nebraska. Additionally, European growers can receive correction services in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Estonia. As with corrections supplied by conventional Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) radio towers, Trimble VRS network corrections provide sub-inch repeatable Global Positioning System (GPS) accuracy for precision farming operations. The Trimble VRS solution uses proprietary software to create cor- rection models for regions covered by the network. The VRS service can provide instant access to high-accuracy RTK position- ing without the need for a local base station. Trimble pioneered RTK in the early 1990s as a means of delivering high-accuracy GPS positioning. Today, there are more than 750 million acres covered by Trimble agriculture RTK base stations. WSSA RESISTANCE & TOLERANCE DEFINITIONS The following official WSSA definitions of “herbicide resistance” and “herbicide tolerance” were proposed by the Herbicide Resistant Plants Committee, accepted by the WSSA Terminology Committee, and approved the the WSSA Board of Directors at the 1998 WSSA winter Board meeting in Chicago, IL. The definitions for these terms are presented below and should be used where applicable in all future publications of the WSSA. Herbicide resistance: “Herbicide resistance is the inherited ability of a plant to survive and reproduce fol- lowing exposure to a dose of herbicide normally lethal to the wild type. In a plant, resistance may be naturally occurring or induced by such techniques as genetic engineering or selection of variants produced by tissue culture or mutagenesis.” Herbicide tolerance: “Herbicide tolerance is the inher- ent ability of a species to survive and reproduce after herbicide treatment. This implies that there was no selection or genetic manipulation to make the plant tolerant; it is naturally tolerant.” VALLEY OFFERS VARIABLE RATE IRRIGATION Valley, Neb—Valley Irrigation, a technology leader in precision irriga- tion, announces a new agreement with Computronics Holdings Ltd., manufac- turer of the patented Farmscan Variable Rate Irrigation technology. This agree- ment allows for the development and distribution of variable-rate irrigation (VRI) controls through over 460 Valley dealers worldwide, thus providing the latest technology in precision irrigation with center pivots. Producers can use this control to program the pivot to automatically turn water on and off for different zones within a circle. Also, producers can ap- ply different amounts of water and crop inputs on a site-specific basis. The Farmscan VRI products are com- patible with all Valley control panels. 11

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