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Minutes Searle is an active participant out in the field when demon- strations are taking place. He assists growers with answers to questions as well as showing enthusiasm for their efforts in taking time to attend the field demos. 10 MINUTES with an AG SERVICES Dennis Searle, Amalgamated Sugar Company Q A MANAGER What is your current role/position in the sugarbeet industry? I am the Ag Services Manager and responsible for variety trial testing for the various seed varieties. They are submitted to the seed committee by all the sugarbeet seed producing companies. Paul Foote and Lance Lovell are the ones who do the actual legwork. I am also responsible for the company’s agronomy and research programs; however, David Elison and Greg Dean do the actual hands-on work. Gordon Hardcastle is the Ag Dept. computer programmer and helps the crop consultants with com- puter programs to organize and simplify Searle, shown here on the left is nearly always participat- ing in suitable dis- cussions with fellow ag consul- tants.

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