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Sweet Talk by Nancy Sanchez | EDITOR It’s Time To Shout Out! Here it is the year twenty-ten and amazingly there are social pockets in our cities of agricul- ture misunderstandings. Where the accepted view of farming and farmers are still archaic; where farming prac- tices are viewed as harmful to the environment; where folks are still oblivious as to where their food comes from and the public is given long- winded information disguised as facts about agriculture. Thanks to the misguided. Isn’t it time to help our misinformed neigh- bors get the whole story? Isn’t it time to hold the press accountable for their misleading reports? Or at the very least speak up and speak out in defending agriculture? Where is your right to be heard? I am not the only editor shouting out for your voices to be heard. Paul Schrimpf, editor for CropLife asks, “What are you doing to spread the good news about agriculture?” “For decades, city folks like the families on my street in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, have been “undermined” when it comes to ag. “And what they do know is so incredibly convoluted that you’re not starting from ‘zero.’ It’s more like ‘negative 10.’ So we need a steady drumbeat and we need to take the time to walk people through things when we have their at- tention.” Schrimpf also talks about “lurkers” who are people that watch, read and sometimes search for answers to their inquiries, but stay out of direct conversations. Perhaps they’re afraid to make waves or stir up the dust. What if they find sensible answers? What if their previous notions about ag need to be readjusted? Will they still fit in their social circles if they know the truth about ag? “There are thousands and thousands out there who hear the shrill and unchallenged voices of the enviro-extremists and figure, ‘hey, nobody’s debating them so they must have a point.’ Schrimpf calls on us to “Find these outlets and be the thoughtful, knowledgeable chal- lenger!” In this issue I convinced one of our con- tributors to share his ideas. Dennis Searle, ag services manager for The Amalgamated Sugar Company concurs with speaking out. Searle says one of the major concerns for growers is educating the public. Let people know the safety and economic need of agricultural progress. The agriculture industry needs to counter destructive actions by sound, scientific research. As a humble, but outspoken ag editor I sup- port your efforts to shout-out. Help those social circles get the correct information. They need your confidence and knowledge. PUBLISHER Jason Harris EDITOR Nancy Sanchez ASSISTANT EDITOR Tyler J. Baum ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Dave Alexander ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Rob Erickson GROUP SECRETARY Magdalene Mercado CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Yvonne Young CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Eula Endecott MARKETING DIRECTOR Robin Black PRODUCTION MANAGER Janet Chase GRAPHIC DESIGNER Angela Hardy PRODUCTION STAFF Jim Donovan R.D. Dye April Frederick Lavon Horne Chris Searle IT DIRECTOR Chuck Harris SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Darrin Steffler CONTROLLER Clayton Ward ACCOUNTING Laura Rafferty PRESIDENT Jason Harris VICE PRESIDENT Chuck Harris VICE PRESIDENT Ryan Harris VICE PRESIDENT Steve Janes TREASURER Clayton Ward SECRETARY Janet Chase The Sugar Producer magazine is published nine times yearly. ©2010, Harris Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. Publisher not responsible for content of submitted materials. Back copies or subscriptions: 800-210-1360. Basic subscription rates are: U.S.,1 year-$15.95, nine issues; Canada, 1 year, $35.95 U.S., nine issues; International, 1 year, $45.95 U.S., nine issues. All subscriptions are U.S. funds only. Limited back issues available for $5 U.S. each. ORGANIZATIONS ASGA 202-833-2398 e-mail: U.S. BEET SUGAR ASSOCIATION 202-296-4820 AMERICAN SUGAR ALLIANCE 703-351-5055 | BEET SUGAR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION 303-832-4460 SUGAR ASSOCIATION, INC. 202-785-1122 | ADDITIONAL READING Visit CropLife at Paul Schrimpf, Editor, CropLife 6 Sugar Producer May 2010 HARRIS PUBLISHING, INC. 360 B Street Idaho Falls, ID 83402 208-524-7000 | Fax: 208-522-5241 Printed in Idaho Falls, ID by FALLS PRINTING

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