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Off the Top News, products and updates from the sugarbeet industry AGRISOLUTIONS TO THE RESCUE AgriSolutions MAX-IN ZMB plant nutrients correct zinc, manganese and boron deficien- cies in a broad spectrum of crops with a patented, crop-based adjuvant system for maximum nutrient efficacy. This effec- tive foliar product supplies Zn, Mn and B, which are vital for increased plant health and growth. MAX-IN ZMB plant nutrients also can effectively reverse Zn, Mn and B deficiency symp- toms in crops. Accelerate leaf, stem and root growth and health with AgriSolutions Ascend plant growth regulator. This biological plant stimulator contains plant growth regulators, micronutri- ents and hormones, and may be applied by ground, air, chemiga- tion or as a seed treatment. Plant Growth Regulator Benefits • Cytokinin is a natural plant growth regulator that promotes cell division and leaf expansion while slowing leaf aging. • Gibberellic acids are naturally occurring plant hor- mones that stimulate cell division and elongation in leaves and stems. • Indolebutyric acid is a plant hormone that stimulates vigorous root formation and development, and increases cell elongation. Visit: www.agrisolutionsinfo. com. CLARKE YEAROUS JOINS ABSORBENT TECHNOLOGIES Nampa, Idaho— Absorbent Technolo- gies, Inc. announces the appointment of Clarke Yearous to the position of territory sales rep- resentative for the Oregon-based soil moisture manage- ment company. From his home in Nampa, Yearous will be responsible for supervising and expanding Zeba applications on potatoes, onions, sugarbeets and other row crops throughout Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah. He brings 30 years of diversified crop and agribusiness experience, including Westbridge Agricultural Products, L&M Companies and Anchor Foods in Idaho, Bland Farms in Georgia, and his own vegetable operation in Colorado. Yearous has an agronomy degree from Colorado State University. 10 Sugar Producer May 2010

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