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117 Above, Matt Neff (left), brewing assistant and, Stevie Bareford (right), co- owner of BareWolf. Left, Amesbury's Brewery Silvaticus sk a local beer geek about Massachusetts's premier beer sojourn, and they'll probably direct you to Tree House Brewing, nestled comfort- ably in the idyll of central Massachusetts. For your next beer tasting, though, consider staying a bit closer to home. Between well-established outfits like Newburyport's RiverWalk Brewing Co. and rising breweries like Amesbury's Brewery Silvaticus and BareWolf Brewing, there's an abundance of great beer flowing in the area that's well worth the drive. It turns out that historic seaports and quaint New England mill towns are great spots for setting up taprooms and making craft beer. Who knew? Well, the brewers helping to shape the identity of the Newburyport and Amesbury region, for one: Steve Sanderson of RiverWalk, Jay Bul- len and Mark Zappasodi of Silvaticus, and Stevie Bareford of BareWolf. Drop in on Amesbury's streets on a quiet Saturday afternoon and you'll soon realize they're only quiet because people have packed themselves in behind the doors at either Silvaticus or BareWolf. (As a happy con- venience, they're less than a 10-minute walk away from each other, in case you seek variety when wetting your whistle.) A

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