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119 "Destination" is an important recurring keyword for each brewery, but of course nothing is more important than churning out top-notch beer. Silvaticus emphasizes classic European traditions, from helles to pilsners to smoke beers, à la the superb Baron von Rauchbier, and says there are also Belgian- style Abbey beers on the way; BareWolf shoots from the hip, eschewing flagship beers to dodge stagnation as they drum up creative names for their beers (like Kitty Kitty Pizza Party, a dry hopped pale ale thick with ambro- sial funk); and RiverWalk balances a variety of styles, from farmhouse ales to IPAs, and in particular brews terrific session ales, each designed to highlight a specific kind of hop. e right build-out is important, whether it's a brick-walled open concept room like Silvati- cus or, in Bareford's words, a "hole-in-the-wall speakeasy" like BareWolf, but nothing matters more than making the kind of beer you'd want to drink yourself. "We figure that if two brewers can sit down and create a space where we make beers that we want to drink, how can it not be success- ful?" says Zappasodi. e significance of that freedom is also a common thread among the brewers. As Bareford puts it, "It's as impor- tant for me that me and my guys get to make what we feel like making as much as it is that people get to try new stuff." And that's one of the many luxuries running a taproom affords you: the ability to keep things fresh, experi- ment, and fine-tune recipes with the benefit of instant feedback from customers. For Sanderson, taprooms offer another ad- vantage, the chance to educate their consum- ers on the brewing process. "We feel like we've got a lot of experience to draw from, and we do things our own way," Sanderson explains. "A lot of our inspiration is drawn from travel, from places around the world, from different traditions. To be able to distill that in our own way, and bring it back to share with people here, is very gratifying." e truth is, talented brewers can brew good beer anywhere as long as they've got the right gear. What makes the North Shore so appealing is the North Shore itself, and the people who inhabit it. "I think we've got a very creative community in general, and a com- munity that's open to and embracing, sup- porting of local businesses," Sanderson says of Newburyport's residents and its vibrant art scene. Meanwhile, just over the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Bullen, Zappasodi, and Bareford all feel right at home. "Amesbury has been fantastic," affirms Bullen. "From day one they've been supportive of us, which has been great, because we really felt we could provide something that Amesbury was lacking." BareWolf's tap room gives off a living room vibe where people can hang out, play games, and, most important, drink beer.

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