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120 "I like Amesbury for my own reasons," says Bareford. "It's got a lot of mill city charm to it, and we love the locals." If the mission is making the best beer possible, then maybe the incentives are the people they make the beer for and the places they make the beer in. ere's nothing quite like feeling welcome. Asking your average craft beer geek to name their favorite brews is asking a lot. e craft beer market grows by leaps and bounds even from one year to the next; there's a ton of great beer out there for die-hard beer lovers to sample, so narrowing down the ones we like best is naturally a daunting task. But asking a craft beer brewer to name their favorite brews is an even bigger ask. ey're the people tink- ering with recipes, sampling new beers made in classic styles, pushing the definitions of what craft beer can be. If anyone needs to take a pause when considering the beers that they like best, it's a brewer.,, Top, Silvaticus co-owner Mark Zappasodi (left) and co-owner/brewer Jay Bullen (right) took an Old World approach to their brewery. Left, beer names are rooted in Latin; Zappasodi (shown here) cleans the brewery.

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