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32 • March 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S their sign, or, sometimes a project just goes right up to the last seconds before an installation deadline. When you're up against the clock, you do what it takes, and hope your team does, too. Once upon a time we had to have a sign installed inside a mall in time for Easter. So instead of installing it the week before, two of our installers set out to do the job just two days before Easter Sunday on Good Friday. The jobsite was in another city. Twenty four hours later they returned—with the signs. They rattled off all the reasons why the signs could not be installed as I lis- tened with a look of disbelief on my face. A few clarifying questions later and it was clear that these guys just didn't have what it takes to do what it takes. So I asked for the truck keys and drove off by myself. I don't know what they were thinking or said to themselves as they watched me drive away, but I do remember the looks on their faces when they returned to work on Monday and found their truck with no signs in the back of it. One of them offered to quit on the spot. The other demanded that I pay him includ- ing the overtime for his failed attempt. I paid him. His employment didn't last long after that. Rings, Pencils and Paint OSHA can teach you a lot. I wasn't too happy about their unannounced visit and how I was to drop everything I was doing to host them and conduct a tour as well as provide documentation or answers to all their inquiries. But, hey, that's how they do what they do. And that's how they ended up teaching me—through fines, mandatory classes, and deadlines to respond to the 14 citations they gave me. I say all that in jest, but I did learn some things from that experience, and I did end up applying what I learned for the benefit of the company, our employ- ees, and for building better impressions (especially better impressions upon O S H A should they ever come by for another visit). For instance, I won't go into detail, but if you have a grinder in your shop and you don't know the ring test, or how to properly use the eraser end of a pencil for proper guard spacing, then you should consider not having one or learning real fast. Paint and paint booths are another notorious source of potential issues, though for most shops they are an abso- lute necessity. If you need them, make them right and use them properly. Document use and material emissions. Enlist some help to get on track if you need it. I would not wait for OSHA to tell you what to do. We took our 14 citations and created a Top 14 Things To Never Let Happen Again document and program in order to not repeat our past mistakes. We also now ask our insurance carrier and safety provider to proactively audit our facility to keep us on our toes, safe, and operat- ing to high standards. Conclusion These are just a handful of the many lessons I've had to learn the hard, painful way while running my own sign business. There were a lot more, like the theft of all our operating funds in the bank being wiped out from stolen checks, injured employees from bee stings, falls, and vehicle accidents, visits from the sheriff for a tax lien then to track down a bad employee, and waking up on a Saturday morning to the call of a customer who says, "Our sign that you recently installed just fell down." Things happen. You learn from them. I've had my share. They helped me grow as I figured out how to apply their les- sons. Many of these lessons led us to become a better company and helped us build our impressions. Now that I'm older and wiser, I leave you with these final words of advice that I learned from my growing pains; remember that life writes straight with crooked lines and won't always go the way you want, you stumble into success but you've got to be moving in order to stumble, and stay calm—it's good for your blood pressure. SDG Building Your Impressions CONTINUED Register Here: or call 800.560.9941 Arlington Arlington Convention Center March 8-10, 2018 Education Begins March 7 Portland Oregon Convention Center - Hall C May 11-12, 2018 Education Begins May 10 Sacramento Sacramento Convention Center - Hall C/D/E April 13-14, 2018 Education Begins April 13 TRAINING in the HALL Amcad & Graphics ..................... #101 GSG ........................#609, #701, #801 Hirsch Solutions ......................... #813 JDS Industries ........................... #421 PDS Equipment .......................... #209 The Rhinestone World ................ #615 ACS ........................................... #815 SCG Digital America Inc ............. #821 SCG Digital America Inc ............. #127 TRAINING STOP TRAINING STOP TRAINING STOP

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