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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2018 • 53 Brushes are usually displayed by means of a pop-up panel when a paint- ing or editing tool is currently active. By default, brushes are displayed as a brush stroke (see Figure 4). Clicking on the thumbnail selects the brush. Then the size, roundness or hardness can be modi- fied. Photoshop and Painter have the most extensive collection of pre-made brushes and that's one of the reasons you pay the big bucks for these programs. Brush Dynamics As with brush tip shape options that control the size and roundness charac- teristics, brush dynamics control brush behavior (see Figure 5). A combination of brush dynamics can produce infinite possibilities in the behavior and appear- ance of brush strokes. Experimentation will yield the perfect brush for the job. For example, an ordinary soft round brush can be modified into a scatter brush with variable widths and angles. When applied to a document color shifts can be programed into the brush (see Figure 6). Brush Technique Here is a technique that uses a single tool, a variety of brushes and a filter to simulate an oil painting. 1) Open a good photo, the resolution should be 300 ppi (see Figure 7). 2) Duplicate the Background layer. 3) Select the Smudge tool and choose a big art brush (a fan brush is good). 4) Follow the contour of the face and smudge very roughly at first. 5) Use long flowing brush marks. The aim is to smudge everything, eventually 6) In the Options Bar, adjust the strength of the smudge tool to get dif- ferent effects. 7) Duplicate the layer and smudge again. 8) Change your paint brush and brush size often, so the brush marks are not all the same. The eye for instance will need a smaller brush than forehead. At this point the painting should look something like what's shown in Figure 8. Contact Diane Gilbert at 800-669-0424 x297 A low-cost solution to gain attention for your company. Sign & Digital Graphics MARKETPLACE Encore Products 2020 West Front Street Statesville, NC 28677 1-800-873-4868 ©2017 Newell Brands PRINT READY foam board 7 surfaces CANVAS EMBOSSED CANVAS CORK DRY ERASE CHALKBOARD MIXED METALS EXTREME WHITE Made in America with Pride NEW WEBSITE! Call for Samples! 1-800-873-4868

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