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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2018 • 55 9) Sharpen the image to reveal the brush marks and pop the painting to life. Go to Filter > Smart Sharpen and set the Amount to 500% and radius of 1.8 (see Figure 9). 10) To add a canvas texture, click the new Fill Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. Click the little arrow to reveal the pattern menu. Click the gear shaped icon and pick a texture from Artist Surfaces (see Figures 10A, 10B). Artistic Filters Painting software offers a variety of filters that produce realistic painterly effects. Like brushes, the variety of fil- ter effects is staggering especially when combinations of filters are applied. Any painterly effect from translucent over- lays to thick impasto looking images can be achieved with the right sequence of filters. Freeware, like DogWaffle and Krita have nice filter effects that simulate a credible looking hand painted image, but the Photoshop's Filter Gallery that you will see in the tutorial that follows, has a massive assortment of artistic fil- ters plus additional filters in the Render submenu. There are specific filters that produce dedicated types of surfaces like watercolors or oil paint. I find that these effects look a little too standardized when applied directly to an image. Certain enhancement techniques improve the effect for a more custom look. What follows is a technique that enhances the look of the Oil Paint filter. Filter-Based Oil Painting 1) Open an image file in Photoshop. The image size should be somewhere around 1250 pixels x 1000 pixels, hori- zontal or vertical. 2) Duplicate the background layer. Name it "Oil Painting". 3) To intensify the colors choose Window > Adjustments > and click the Hue/Saturation icon in the Adjustments panel. Increase the saturation to +50. 4) Click the Brightness and Contrast icon in the Adjustments panel. Increase both values to +20 (see Figures 11A, 11B, 11C and 11D). 5) Now for the oil painting effect using a few filters. Duplicate the back- ground layer by choosing Duplicate Layer from the Layers panel menu. Then choose Convert to Smart Object. 6) Go to Filter > Stylize> Oil Paint. Play with the controls until you get the Painting software uses light instead of physical compounds to render images. Deco-Structure Heavy Deko-Stretch Microlux So VISIT US NEAR HP AT THE ISA EXPO IN BOOTH #4438 Featuring our new High-Defini on Tex les from G+O Friedrich TVF is proud to introduce our High-Defini on Tex les by G+O Friedrich. This line is engineered specifically for brilliant graphics displays with incredible color clarity, consistency and defini on. The line relaunches fabrics that were previously offered by Pacific Coast Fabrics, which TVF acquired last year. We have strengthened the partnership with G+O to stock the collec on through expanded, na onwide distribu on. All of our High-Defini on Tex les are REACH Compliant and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Cer fied. Our new line is comprised of a full range of styles, with op ons in backlit, blockout, mesh, flag and frontlit display fabrics. Request a sample and see the difference for yourself: Call 855.618.4500 or visit FRONTLIT · BACKLIT · BLOCKOUT · PET · MESH · POLYPROPYLENE · SPECIALTY TEXTILES

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