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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • March 2018 • 73 to disk failures, viruses, file corruptions or ransom ware. As we all know, once the pipe and concrete are in the ground and 10 years go by, without documentation it could be anyone's guess as to what exists below the surface. Make it Obvious—Really Obvious To make it obvious means making it known to everyone, on every document within the packet. It means listing on every drawing a note about the founda- tion and where the information can be found. Here are a couple of ways to make this information known for anyone who might need it in the future. • Attach a large metal sign to the pipe, somewhere inside of the main cabinet or the base. A sign that's bright, bold and noticeable. It should illustrate and detail the fabrication information about the foundation, the pipe and the cabi- net construction. It should also list the name and contact information for the engineer, the firm and the license that the engineering firm used to create the calculations. (Image D) • Make multiple copies of all of this, including photos of the little sign attached to the center pole, and give it to the customer for their safe keeping also. Explain the importance of keeping the info somewhere safe from fire or water damage, yet noticeable enough not to get lost. Provide this information to them in a bright, florescent yellow or green file folder so that it is recognizable and doesn't get misfiled somewhere. Why is This So Important? Without this information, the old foundation would have to be removed or abandoned, and a completely new foun- dation and support pipe would need to be installed. It would defeat the whole purpose of the project. This can surely lead to an additional sale down the road. By documenting what was done, both on the paperwork and on the sign pole itself, you will have smooth sailing once the client is ready to add in that EMC. Yes, you will be the hero. SDG Introducing troniTAG electronic shelf labels. Set and change your prices quickly and easily from one workstation. Update multiple price tags in minutes. Available in black, white and red screen colors. Choose from multiple sizes. 219.661.6302 | | built by The Future of Pricing. GET MORE. From your inks & coatings. Since 1859, Marabu has been committed to formulating and developing superior quality inks and coatings for a broad range of applications. Get superior quality, performance and reliability. • Superior Screen Printing Inks • Premium Pad Printing Inks • Cutting Edge Digital Inks • Innovative Liquid Coatings Get more. Get Marabu. • 888.253.2778 • @MarabuNorthAmer

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