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March 2018

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 33 SNF Holding Company • (877) 339-8349 • www.snf.us SoilPam, FloBond SNF is the global leader in water-soluble polymers, producing SoilPam and FloBond products for the agricultural market. These products are used for wind and water erosion control, crust prevention, water efficiency and wheel track rut control under center pivot irrigation systems. These products have proven to increase yield and enhance potato and sugarbeet quality. West Central Distribution • (320) 235-8518 • www.wcdst.com Levesol Levesol's ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate is the most scientifically proven and only patent- pending chelating agent in the industry. Other phosphorus efficiency products bond with micronutrients to increase phosphorus levels, inefficiently leaving micronutrients such as zinc and manganese tied up. Levesol chelates micronutrients, protecting them from interacting with molecules like phosphorus, allowing both to be more available for plant uptake. Levesol has three modes of action: It unlocks the nutrients in the soil, makes the nutrients it's applied with more available, and remains mobile in the plant for season-long activity. Redline Redline starter fertilizer includes a premium mix of macro- and micronutrients plus the purest, most highly concentrated form of ortho- ortho EDDHA chelate in the industry. This chelating agent keeps the nutrients in Redline from binding to negatively charged particles in the soil, making the nutrients more available for plant uptake. Redline also makes essential nutrients, already present in the soil, more available for plant uptake and can be applied to a variety crops. Yara North America, Inc. • (800) 234-9376 • www.yara.us Yara Fertilizers Yara is committed to helping farmers grow a top potato crop in terms of both yield and quality, and having a positive impact on their profitability. Crop knowledge, application competence— including technology tools and services—and the most comprehensive crop nutrition portfolio on the market make up the core of Yara's Crop Nutrition Solution for potatoes. Yara fertilizers, crop nutrition programs and technologies increase yields, improve product quality, and reduce environmental impact from agricultural practices. Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition • (800) 551-8216 • www.protassiumplus.com Protassium+ Protassium+ from Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition is a dual-nutrient source that delivers high potassium and sulfate sulfur with virtually no chloride and low salt index. It is the premium K source that helps your potato crop grow to its full potential. The sulfur in Protassium+ is immediately available for uptake and use by plants, which helps with seed development and stress and pest resistance, plus contributes to increased yield and tuber quality. It replenishes critical potassium that helps improve quality and uniformity of yield, gravity and storage capabilities, and decreases risk of external defects.

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