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due Holiday Decorating, North Reading north q + a Decking the halls with interior designer Linda Hentschel of North Reading's i-Designs Interior Design Solutions. Cheer Leader december is a special—and stress- ful—time of year for many. Endless prepa- rations and celebrations can overwhelm in a heartbeat, and round-the-clock shopping, cooking, and merrymaking can justify a little extra help. This is the point at which North Reading-based interior de- signer Linda Hentschel steps in to lighten the load for those with holiday spirit and one too many ornaments to juggle. Choice décor is her specialty, and during this time of year, her imagination is on fire—mak- ing her just the elf to warm the hearth for seasonal festivities. What is your professional background? I started Renaissance Interiors in 1993. The focus at that time was primarily residential projects. Over the past 19 years, the busi- ness has grown to include a broad range of design styles, inspiring us to change our name to i-Design. We now serve the greater Boston area, addressing both residential and corporate design needs. What sparked your interest in the field? A Raggedy Ann and Andy mural my elementary school friend painted on my baby-blue bedroom wall! What special materials do you enjoy working with? Fresh greens. They scent the home with an unmistakable aroma. It's simple to embellish this natural staple by adding colors or textures to blend into any décor. My secret lies in the power of ribbons (sheer silk, satin, or plaid) to make an instant impact. 216 December 2012 She's Got the Look Linda Hentschel. What's the greatest seasonal challenge? Blending old collections of family treasures with new pieces to create an updated holi- day look. I like to add a few specially chosen accents that pop a new color and make everything look fresh. I also enjoy adding fun fabrics to pillows or table linens. Have you ever received any espe- cially fun or unusual holiday requests? Custom-made, matching stockings for four-legged family members. What inspires your designs during this time of year? Hotels are my inspira- tion this season. They have rich and varied interiors that are luxurious and a bit decadent. Isn't that what everyone wants for the holidays? —Kiley Jacques photograph by bob o'connor

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