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your daily routine, and being mindful of the quality and quantity of food you eat, anyone can bring about big changes to their overall health. "Keep food simple," says Brown. "Start by staying away from packaged food with lots of ingredients. Eat real food like fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and fish, depending on what your doctor tells you is okay for your particular diet. Many people can have digestive issues simply because they take in too much fuel before and after exercise. Personally, I like morning workouts on an empty stomach, but everyone should try different things to see what feels best for them." PHYSICAL RECREATION & GOOD HEALTH ARE DIFFERENT One of the biggest complaints from people seeking a way to fit exercise into their daily routine is simply finding the time to do it. With a busy work schedule, picking up kids from school, and rushing home to make dinner, Brown suggests fitting in some type of movement when and where you can, and realize that moving to stay healthy is not the same as achieving a fitness goal. "There's a big difference between physical recreation and good health," says Brown. "A good 30-minute walk every single day can reduce the risk of disease, and it should be fun." According to Brown, fitting exercise into your schedule doesn't necessarily translate to getting a gym membership or purchasing expensive equipment. "All movement is good movement, says Brown. "Most people can start by simply adding in bits of fitness to their daily routine. Things like taking the stairs, parking further away, walking to meetings. Many start by simply aiming for a 10,000 step goal. The hardest step is to get off the couch, and keep in mind that no one regrets a workout after they've done it." SIMPLE WORKOUT WITH A BALL Rosalie Brown believes you don't need a gym membership and lots of equipment to get in a good exercise routine. Here is one she recommends that simply uses your own body weight and a ball. 17 DiGEST THIS

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