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TASTEFULLY ORGANIC PALEO TREATS IS A COMPANY CREATING EXTREMELY TASTY DESSERTS BASED ON THE PALEO DIET BY DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS BY ASHLEY HORNE E ating raw and organic foods is one way many people with digestive issues adopt to stay healthy and eliminate their symptoms. Many have chosen to go with the Paleo Diet, because it focuses on eating meats, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, while excluding dairy and processed foods which are commonly linked to causing digestive issues. While it's not difficult to find grass- fed beef and organic veggies at your local supermarket, it is difficult to find tasty desserts. Nik Hawks and Lee Selmen, founders of Paleo Treats in San Diego, California, initially looked to various recipes to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. "Paleo desserts were hard to make," said Hawks. "With the way recipes looked like on the web, the desserts didn't often match-up in taste, and they weren't available commercially." The two eventually started experimenting and found organic ingredients within the Paleo diet, that tasted good and decided to make them readily available. Hawks and Selmen are environmentally conscious health junkies who have dedicated their time to create a unique line of desserts that are great tasting, gluten free, and made from organic ingredients. The company now ships its product globally from its headquarters in San Diego, California. with four employees, Paleo Treats manages to inform and introduce people to the Paleo Diet in a tasty way. "Paleo is a diet of ingredients that include meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds," says Hawks. "We believe that while labeling the food can be helpful, (organic, shade grown, non-GMO, etc.), it's far more important to just get the basics right." The Paleo Treats line of desserts are made from organic ingredients. Some of their treats include the Brownie Bomb made with only six ingredients, to the Paleo Macaroon, or the new Espresso Brownie called the Rocket. "If it's not Paleo and LOOKS TAST Y 28 DiGEST THIS

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