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Voice, Celebrity Apprentice, and Shark Tank, believed that America loves a comeback story, and Martha would make one heck of a comeback from her prison stint. He designed her show to be live because Martha was best unedited, telling it like it is. And she was! Some of our funniest moments were in our morning production meeting when we went over the day's show. Some days she would tell us about her evening and what she did, who she bumped into, who was rude, or which celebrity asked her out. She often told us what she liked or didn't like about what we were wearing or doing. I'll never forget the time I walked into her office wearing my favorite dark plum lipstick. It was too purple for Martha, so she handed me a tissue. No words were exchanged, but I knew I had to wipe it off. MARTHA'S COOKING IS A PERK The very first time I actually met Martha was at her house. It was the Friday before the 4th of July weekend. Everybody on staff had one thing on their mind – getting home for the holiday. But Martha had invited the staff to her farm in Katonah to discuss her upcoming TV show and then have lunch. We all went to the meeting but the minute it was over, everyone scrambled back to their cars to leave and start the weekend. I admit I had that on my mind too, but there in the kitchen were the most beautiful looking sandwiches that literally looked like they jumped off one of the pages of her magazine. Crunchy French baguettes with glistening homegrown tomatoes, the greenest arugula, freshest mozzarella, with a topping of sea salt. There was also a plate of whole wheat egg salad sandwiches where the thinly sliced bread was enhanced with crunchy celery and radicchio, and of course the most delicious organic eggs from her chickens. Then there was this amazing looking brioche sandwich which under the perfectly toasted golden bun was grilled chicken, hot crispy bacon, and a creamy dollop of mayonnaise. I desperately wanted to get home and start my weekend with my family too, but how could anyone turn down a "Martha Stewart" lunch that she prepared herself? So I stayed. I ate lunch with her, and it was something I could brag about to anyone and everyone—and I did! FOLLOWING MARTHA'S EXAMPLE While the sandwiches Martha makes are truly delicious, and fresh, they were also healthy. Some people will beg to differ and say bacon and mayo can be the pitfalls of just about any diet, but Martha's take is that moderation is key. I've found out that for all the delicious ingredients she uses, Martha is very much into being healthy. In fact, she religiously practices yoga every morning no matter what. I'll never forget her first days out of prison, while she was still under house arrest. It was so important for her to go to yoga class, that she violated her home confinement. It cost her three extra weeks, but I am sure she would think it was well worth it. It relaxes her. Every morning you can also see her drinking green juice which consists of whatever produce is in season on her farm; sometimes it's a mixture of spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, green apple etc. Breakfast often includes fresh organic eggs from her farm, which she kindly brings in for staff regularly. Lunch is usually a salad or salmon. If she has any dessert it consists of fresh seasonal berries. And when she is cooking on her television show she does taste, but doesn't eat; meaning she tries the food, but won't eat the whole thing (like I would do). 31 DiGEST THIS

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